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Finned Lizard Theme Team

Now that there is enough finned lizards, I was able to put this team together. It will be a while before I get Edaphosaurus up to team level but I will still use it for now.

With Edaphocevia to team level, I have all the legendary’s to level 20 again.

My Team 20200812


How did work out for ya

I haven’t tried it yet. Maybe tomorrow.

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I Don’t mean to be that guy. but literally none of those are lizards

I chain battled today with this team, losing against a couple players and then started facing boosted 22-24’s not realizing they were the A.I. for several battles. I kept loosing. Then I saw one of the common A.I. names. So I switched to a winning team and beat the A.I. so I could fill the incubator slot. Tomorrow I’ll go back to the finned ‘creature’ team.