Fip bundle

Did anyone else not receive the FIP material from the bundle this morning? Received everything but the FIP material!


Me neither. Thought I was losing my mind until I saw your post.

Worse still, I just purchased the bundle again and got NONE of the contents. Even the usual restarting the game didn’t produce the contents I paid for.

Any idea where I find the email address for Ludia so I can report this?

Just contact support, I’ve heard others having the same problem. Support is in game under the settings

I was charged 3x for this bundle and received none of its contents. It already billed my payment method.

Tried contacting Support, but it says they are experiencing higher than normal traffic volumes.

Same. I tried twice. Both 34.99 charges showing up on my bank account. Last time this happened it took Ludia like 10 days to get me the bundle items and fix it.

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@Ned hope you can find out and let us know soonest possible when we can purchase the fip bundle without wasting our monies and most importantly before our sanctuaries expired in less than 2 days

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Thank you all for bringing this issue to our attention. I can confirm that the team has been informed!

Please bring back the more affordable fip bundles. The 100 for $19.99 and the 20 for $4.99. Spending $34.99 for only 30 fips along with unnecessary items is not good.