Fire Breathing Dinosaurs Called Dragons

How can a flying dinosaur breath fire?

Well, dragons were flying lizards that lived in dry hot climates and would swoop down to eat smaller prey. In the process, they would swallow stones. The stones would help digestion by grinding the dead carcass inside its stomach. Digestion was slower like snakes so over a period of time, gasses of methane would form. Since the bones and stones don’t digest, the dragon would occasionally puke up the stones and bones. In the process, the stones would hit against each other creating a spark that would ignite the methane gas and the dragon would burp out fire, spewing out the bones and stones in a fiery flash.

At times when these dragons would get into fights with other dinosaurs or prehistoric man, the jostling around would cause the stones in its stomach to hit against each other, creating a spark igniting the methane and the dragon would spew out fire.


And dragons were never actually real. You forgot that important caveat in your faux paleobiology lecture.

Tell us more about how you learned everything about mythical creatures from “Game of Thrones” and “Lord of the Rings”…:unamused:


And let’s not forget that mankind only came into existence 20 million years ago, while the dinos had all either died out or had evolved into birds 65-70 million years ago. The two never co-existed. Ever. It’s established scientific fact. Dragons are fairy story creatures, nothing more and nothing less, never actually existing at all.

I guess someone’s been binge-watching again…


Depending on how you define ‘mankind’, it actually arose between 1.5 million to 200 thousand years ago. I have no idea where you got this 20 million years figure from…

Sorry, old data. I looked at my reference materials and mixed stuff up. It happens. But still, regardless of the error I made…

Whooo-boy. This guy’s not going to win the nobel prize for science anytime soon, that’s for sure.

I was actually counting the Australopithecine as “early man”, instead of jumping ahead to neandertals.

Well, even Australopiths only evolved around 4.5 million years ago.

Or god did it 7000 years ago and dinosaurs are a hoax :grin:

I knew they were before Neandertals. But! Regardless of that, I was wrong. I admit it. Dinos are more my line, anyway. I don’t mess around with the whole Cenozoic thing. Not my area of expertise.


Well, u got a hibrid dino whit predators invisibility, so if u mix fly plus dilophosaur u got a perfect acid breath dragon.

But hybrids only exist in fiction, the same as dragons. It was a movie. Not real.

Are you serious? Dragons were real. Lord Of The Rings and Game Of Thrones are based on real actual events.

Check your facts.


Is everything okay bro?

maybe watch this documentary too



Nah. Everything’s fine here. Just getting ready to go to work. I recognize trolls when I see them anyway, so it doesn’t faze me either way.

Or read this and realise it’s a conspiracy and dinos never happened Bible_Cover

Incidentally, that’s one of the very few cinematic depictions of dragons (along with Smaug) that actually make some taxonomic sense. Any vertebrate with six limbs is a taxonomic impossibility, at least in this biosphere.

Boy, CB’s just tapping away on those buttons, trying to provoke a response. Try harder, you just might actually hit the right one… eventually.

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To be fair, it WAS a great film. lol.

The flammable gas it contains is likely less dense than the general atmospheric air and so this would help it fly more easily by making it more bouyant.
This is the same technique scuba divers use by inflating or deflating their vests.

Now if the dragon farts, it will have less flammable gas helping lift it up and won’t be able to fly as high.