Ludia Forums soapbox to remove


If your opponent move first and advances tank.
If you are pushed back and opponent advances.

Unless you can one shot…or win before fire…you will lose. Burn baby!

This of course you are equally matched. Let us battle it out. Use what strategy there is. Enough dying by fire. As I stated before. At least delay the fire a few turns.

I realize this is strategy in a way…and I do it before it is done to me too. Add in not being able to move and there really is NO battle. Push…advance…burn. :thinking:

EDIT. Throw in two rounda of Dominate for fun too.

Lee_Maker, I see where you are coming from, however, I hold a divergent opinion.

While it may seem difficult to battle in matches like the one you described, there are ways to counter most offensive strategies. I agree, when party synergy fails finding a solid defensive strategy cam become difficult and the opponent may be insurmountable. However, I fail to see any veridical benefits to extending PvP matches by removing the fire. The fire is serviceable in preventing opponents laden with healers from extending the battle indefinitely.

Lee I don’t find that at all

The enemy advancing tank into middle has a very low association with dying by fire for me

I sometimes lose the way you describe after pushback but I often sit on the back row after pushback, the enemy advances on me and I win

The thing I find worse if when I get pushed back, they have 3 zone attackers and I don’t and I am forced to move forward into a barrage of attacks

I agree with Orloch that fire is a necessary thing and think the amount of turns is fine

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The only thing I like about this games pvp. Is it is supposed to be a fast match, move on to next. None of that 30 minutes later someone finally gets everything just right and pulls off their win condition strategy. If you see the fire the match went on to long. To me the bigger problem is all the skills that extend matches. Can’t move, can’t attack, dominate (if you survive your own ranger :stuck_out_tongue:) push back, heal, endless revive. Last seasons 50 seconds to even create a bot, just over a minute to start a match. I spent half my pvp time in waiting for opponent or watching the blue circle under my feet and the black swirls around toon. I’ve lost a few matches to the flames, but it’s rare overall. Just my take on why I think they are a good thing.

Hmmm, this is a very valid point.