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Fireworm Queen Species?

The Fireworm Queens are not hatching or in the drafts yet and I was wondering if they were going to be an event only thing then or if it’s just a bug.
(Edit.Oops I called normal drafts"draft boxes" which is a different kind of draft that actually exists, sometimes.)

We just have to wait a bit longer then they’ll be available elsewhere

Not sure what you mean, I’ve been able to breed for them since the day I did the event. Hatchery randomizes which species you get per color, you can’t order a specific species along with the color; when you do color hatchery. Random hatchery randomizes color too

Noo I didn’t want that post deleted I was just editing something dang it

I didn’t say anything about breeding in my post for a reason. I know if I put the ones I got from the event in the breedery I would get more. I mentioned drafts and hatchery.
And I know hatchery is random, sure, maybe these last 30 yellow hatches I’ve just gotten incredibly unlucky. However…
The main reason I know they aren’t added everywhere in game is looking at the drafting odds and not seeing any of the Fireworm Queens in any draft info boxes. Usually they are added to the drafts the same time they are added to hatching and yeah, as @Sienna_Meadows implied sometimes it does takes a little while and we just need to wait. However also sometimes they are released into the rest of the game after just a day or two after the event. I was just making this post as a reminder just in case someone at Ludia had just forgotten to flip the switch sooner than later because I want the common one from hatching, not breeding.
Or it would be nice to know if they were event only instead of people waiting forever, if I get confirmation of that then I will just breed my own common, I guess.

Ohh geez, beautiful. I give up on this post lol

No need… You can press the delete button right before “I didn’t say…”, aka the start of your reply, and only what you wrote for reply will be remain. Press “Save Edit” though
Simple reply, would have been enough :slight_smile:

To use a quote you gotta be sure you select its borders right, it has to have a beginning, and an end. Otherwise it goes messy.

I have not checked the drafting odds to see something wrong. I remember there being a special draft event with a draft box similar to Antiquarian’s so I assumed… Yeah I don’t draft much

I will check and see if they appear there or not. If they’re not available in regular drafts then that’s sure not intended

Technically speaking though, the event provided for 2, 3 and 4 :star: of the species so you could have gotten. It was on for days. I won’t press the subject though.

I checked, and they really can’t be drafted. Not sure if the bug happened after their Homecoming event ended or what. There’s a bug involving their availability via drafts

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Time to start hatching commons for that queen.

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