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First 27!


I dedicate this to @Hersh and my awesome alliance! Thanks @Wwwoodchuck @Kristi @MikkoAmour and everyone!!


That’s gotta be a good feeling!

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I can’t be the only one who sees a resemblance :face_with_monocle:

But in the spirit of the Holidays, I’ll say Congratulations @wrothgar ! :tada: :christmas_tree: :gift:

(Haha in all seriousness tho, that’s amazing bud! It must’ve take some serious grinding to get there!)


Well it’s official. I do not want to play you in the arena again haha


LOL definitely don’t want to see that monster anywhere.

Anyway, congrat.
Wish I am not sit inside a poor L3 group.:disappointed_relieved:


Congrats! Made mine last night. Out of Dilo though, and it’s about the only thing on request in my Alliance!

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I leveled stegod to a 27 a week ago and just got megalo to a 27 yesterday morning. It’s a good feeling for sure! Wish I took more time out to battle, seem to put it all in collecting. Congrats!

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Thanks all!! It is working out quite well :smiling_imp:


Woulda broke t100 sooner, but got outplayed hard by @Myp (gg man).

Still made it though!


Nice one buddy … got my first L26 recently Stegodeus … Indoraptor nearly there too


Yeah, that was a good one! =)

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congrats!! always good when you can feed the beasts.

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Congrats, so jealous (still waiting to create mine… so hard to get the needed DNA).

I dread facing it in the arena, even at 21 it often wrecks my poor dinos! So I really want it :wink:

It should help you move up in rank for sure :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks! In way over my head right now lol, will mass lose soon


Congrats!!! :champagne:

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Congrats. It will still take me a lot of time to even get a 27. But will keep trying

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