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First 3 epics had 6 attempt, now 9 attempts?

For first 3 epics we had 6 attempts, for next 3 there are 9 attempts? On calendar says 6 attempts. So did we lost 3 attempts or there shouldn’t be 9 attempts? @Ned


why would you bring attention to this? this helps people. now they’re probably gonna reduce the attempts so those that didn’t get 9 are out of luck.


Either it has reverted to the usual 9 attempts for epics, which may be a mistake (and Ludia will remove it), or it was always meant to be 9 but Ludia messed up again and fixed the mistake halfway through the week. Who knows!

Huh. Hope it’s looked into.

Why? So that they take away the extra 3 attempts?

Because if it was always meant to be 9 they won’t give you 3 extra attempts from the previous lot. So how does anyone here benefit from it being looked into?


I’ll check with our team for more info! :mag:


wow, thanks :unamused:


What is wrong with you!? Why would you even mention this :roll_eyes:


Maybe OP thought Ludia would use their time machine to give us 3 more chances yesterday.

Probably, or looking for compensation. But not really worth it at all.

yeah, ludia tends to fix it then not worry about fairness. i mean, look at what happens when theres a mix up with strike towers or alliance mission rewards.

The team is aware the attempt count in-game for Wed-Fri appears as 9 and it is being looked into!

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Well, there goes my T-Rex DNA pursuit :grimacing:

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Cause it’s big possibility it’s mistake and will be 6 attempts for Pelta again.

Don’t mind more attempts, but better they fix it and only some get benefits, than leave it like that and go back to 6 attempts for next cycle without addressing the issue.

Will go for Scuto, but not really jump for any. Would like to have 9 attempt for Boa and Pelta though.

Don’t worry, will be many Trex events in upcoming months.

Thanks for ruining the fun.


Lol way to go. Love when people report things that benefit people in a positive way! cough cough dodo scent bug.


why wouldnt they all be 9 attempts to begin with? epics are ALWAYS every week, 3 attempts per possible epic creature. 3 per creature times 3 creatures equals 9 attempts should be the correct amount to dart for each set of 3 dinosaurs. why give us something(epic occasion) just to jip us out of attempts, on a creature like titanoboa that hasnt been on event since the JWA second anniversary in May 2020 and is already the hardest epic creature in the game to dart to begin with?

shouldnt the team be aware that they titanoboa , baryonyx, megistotherium was SHORTED 3 attempts…and not that trex, scutosaurus, maiasura is OVER 3 attempts here?


got a accurate quote about this off of twitter. there’s only 3 replies to it so far, but its probably gonna get worse.

Erm i’m sorry but what is fairer than this…

6 attempts first lot of epics… everyone gets 6 attempts.
9 attempts second lot of epics (error meant to be 6)… everyone gets 9 attepmts.
6 attempts third lot of epics (error fixed)… every one gets 6 attempts.

Your solution is some people get 9 attempts on second lot of epics before Ludia fixes it and those that didn’t suffer.