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First 5*

Finally…i got my First 5*
And its from breeding :):sunglasses:

I got a lot of 4 Stars from breeding…
Never had luck with the draws -,- ever Only 3*
And its the Color i was looking for :):blush:

Im Feeling soooo happy


Nice! You are pretty lucky there!

  • Toothless

Congratulations, @ElementZer0!!

Sweeet!! Awesome job there!! :+1:

Congratulations or „Glückwunsch“,
Sadly you can upgrade it only to two stars and i think at your level you already upgraded one yellow dragon to three stars. But i wish you best of luck to breed another one - which everyone of us needs when it comed to breed 4*\5* dragons :slight_smile:

Hey Felix,
Thank you :slight_smile:

But im Sure that we can get 5* to Level 3^50 before he need an duplicate…
But All 3* and 4* need it to Getting the third star, thats right !

As i need a dublicate to level up a 4* dragon from level 2 to 3, i thought it would be the same for 5* dragons. If you can upgrade a 5* dragon to level 3 without needing a dublicate please tell me when you upgraded your dragon to this point :slight_smile:

5* can get to 3* with just scales.

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