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First Arena Chest Tutorial Bug

I’m new in this game and I’ve just found a bug that stuck me on this screen after opening my first arena chest. How to resolve it? I tried to uninstall the game but that doesn’t work.Screenshot_20190526-023638


Ouch, that’s a nasty one. I’m surprised that even a reinstall wouldn’t have resolved the issue! Seems you’ll have to send an email to for your best chance at resolving the issue quickly.

I presume that when you tap on the screen, it does nothing?

I have the same thing. Tapping anywhere on screen does nothing, and am unable to do anything else, since the tutorial forces you to open the chest before doing anything else.

I’m sorry to hear that happened, @Brithos. Could you reach out to our support team here at so they could try and assist you? If possible, please make sure to include your support key in your email as well. Thanks!

I have a similar error.

Do you know what’s the problem?

Try shutting down the app completely go into your settings and clear all app and cashed data and reopen app

Tried it. Failed.

Got the same problem, sent email to them. I guess now we’ll wait

Its been over 24 hours and this is still a problem. The “game” is completely unplayable in this state.

welcome to warriors of waterdeep,
Game breaking bugs that keep happening and dev who does not care and only release fixes every 2-3months

So how is thing going?
More than a day already and nothing regarding this bug.
Will be there any compensation for vips?

I’m so glad I didn’t buy VIP. I was looking at it for half a minute and decided not to. Hit this glitch 2 minutes later.

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I am from Australia and I just downloaded an update that was released today. While i was able to get over the initial chest bug, as soon as you get another chest, the issue reappears. I attempt to open it, it even claims it is a free open, but I click it and it gets stuck on the screen. Please help!! This is absolutely ridiculous, the fact that your fix doesnt address the core issue but more temporarily fixes/bypass it

I can confirm hsuza’s comment. Next chest is glitching too. This is getting pathetic. And the fact there’s no compensation of any kind being offered either. Every other mobile game I’ve played offer some minor compensation for game breaking bugs like this.