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First battle of the day


It was 3 to 1 lol.

Not in my favor :sob:

Competition at 5k has gotten rough!


You are not making a convincing case for the rest of us to hurry up there anytime soon.


Didn’t you record it? I wanna watch! :slight_smile:

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Every time I hit the 5050 range this tournament, I am slapped right, left and center with losses.

But the most insulting is that the match ups always lag or has error on my end… I literally lost 3-4 battles because first round I can’t even see the opponent’s dino. Resetting and coming back only to see them 1 up… extremely infuriating!!!

Ludia fix your server! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


:joy::joy: I dont think I want to be here anymore!!

Sadly no, Im currently working on a self appointed project that I hope to share with the communty in 2 weeks or so. Just stats, but its pretty onerous lol.

I did nab most of this match though:

All you missed was t1 lw? And swap in dg2. It killed my tuora :frowning:


Nice one! Gg!

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Thank you!! :grin:


That Thor is a beast! I’m hoping to get close to mine over the weekend.

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I love thor so much. It pains me to stop levelling it for now. I have to live off event sinos, and my rinex is badly needing some love.

Best of luck to you, its fun!


After I faced a level 27 at 4100, I’m afraid to get up there.

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Idk what I’d do without event epics; I rarely see Sino in the wild and when I do, I’ll go out of my way to dart her. Definitely the most valuable epic in the game next to T- Rex


Ugh, I can’t stand people that use dracog2. Glad you wiped the floor with them.

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Didn’t get that swap to Trago… that wasn’t very smart, even if you had used IC

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I think the idea was to swap dg2 back in again after trago tanked a hit to kill thor.


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Ow, how naive of me… forgot how cheesy DracoG2 users can be…

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Ive been learning to bait them :slight_smile: