First boosted creature?

What was your first boosted creature ever? and I mean that horrible mistake at the start of game haha.

Mine was Velociraptor and I boosted all stats without thinking, but then I asked for account reset, and in the new one Rinchicyon became my first boosted creature.


I think it was Utasinoraptor. Back then, I could use her in Library and even Gyrosphere, and she was the MVP of my team.

Marsupial Lion. 1 Hp boost.

I don’t think I realized what boosts were till I had Alloraptor lol. I’d have to say my first was Alloraptor, but I’m not sure, been some time since then

Epic T. rex
Only put one speed boost on

Hmmm. . .probably an Allo G2 with 3 attack tiers. I saved up. I eventually reset him with a token.

Thylacotator. 4hp 2spd. Always used it until aviary

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mine was velo :skull_and_crossbones: :skull:

Utarinex when I first unlocked it

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I always knew to save my boosts for something I used

Which was thordorlosaur

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I think Acrocanthops, back when it was really good. I still have some boosts stuck on it though (because Ludia came up with the genius idea of locking the speed and damage tokens behind the premium pass, which we can all agree was a wonderful idea that absolutely zero people are mad about).


Ankylodicurus in attack

Procerathomimus or erlikogamma. Can’t remember which cause it was so long ago

A very wise decision

actually its was either tryo indom or alloraptor

i never boosted raptor