First Custom Creature

Let me know what yall think and what I should change

Prob shouldnt have 3 passive moves

Also I could be mistaken but I dont think megalotops has armor piercing moves, other than dodo that is a fierce thing

The moves look good tho, and the stats

No it has Armor Piercing Counter already. The main thing I would change is the resistances. I would remove Crit Reduction, Rend, and Vulnerable. I would increase Speed to 75%, Pin to 50%, and Stun to 67%


I see this speed is too much for a sloth even super hybrid, reduce to 111 Maybe?

Eh that’s a bit too much. If you were to reduce speed, 116-120 should be a good range. Deino has 131 speed and Megalotops has 108.

It shouldn’t be any higher than the Scorpius, 117,118,119 which +30%= 153,154,155…

131-108=23/2=11.5 do it would make sense if this hybrid was 111-112 speed

Lol nice calculation! But that’s not how Spell works!

Get rid of the counter, stunning alert, or camo only 2 passive ablilties

Who cares about grammar

Megalotops has all 3 already. That’s not going to be its problem. That will be the resistances and s little too much speed

Why? Ten character

I don’t mean word, I mean “magic”!

You cant carry over all the abilities over, the combination of creatures adds some moves and gets rid of some

Also how does that calculation work? You should be finding the median of the speeds, or whatever makes it balanced.

Most creatures: How bout I do it anyways.

just a accident… Sorry…

This doesn’t belong here. This should be it’s own thread.