First dino from Solid Gold pack

Is Haino good at all compared to other aquatics?


All vips have almost same ferocity. So it’s the 3rd best surface creature in the game. Any aquatic or Cenozoic vip you get is endgame worthy.
As you’re lv31 every vip is worth it for your lineup.
You should read the thread demystifying the ferocity. Also download the dino data spreadsheet from this forum.


First of all, congrats on your first solid gold pack!
And yes, the ferocity of all vip creatures are very similar, the biggest difference in ferocity i found is i think 2.1 (not sure if i miscalculated it though, between thyla and tany), and for your level, any vip is good. Preferably at that level, it’s better to get land dinos, then after work on aquatics and cenos, but haino is still good.

This is haino at level 10 (same stats as orthacsnthus)

I have x2 of this guy at lv10, he isn’t too bad

Same as lv13 edestus too.

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