First Dino in Battle


In your opinion, which is the best first Dino in a battle, a tank or not? :thinking:


I usually put out my fastest dino. Gotta get the first hit in.


I always take Irex or trago first, just cuz irex has high dmg and cloak and trago is a fast boy with good moves.


A tank. Because in lower arenas, your opponent will try to open with an attacker. They learn later on, that this isn’t a wise decision.


I’m in Sorna Marshes, so do you suggest a Tank anyway?


Yes but fast=low health (if you mean raptors). What’s your strategy?


I always assume the opponent will bring out a damage dealer first. So I go for something like stegocera, who can stunlock and slow down your opponent long enough for you to get some good hits in.

Tanks aren’t meant to hang around long, they’re useful in that you can bring an opponent’s hp down to where your next dino can finish it off (provided the opponent isn’t a coward, and swaps out).

It’s all situational, really. It all depends on which arena you’re in, and what the favored tactic is in that arena. A good rule of thumb is this: always lead off with a tank. Absorb the damage, then come in with the heavy damage from your other dinos. Swapping isn’t always recommended, since you’re trying to wear your opponent down. Use pinning strike. A lot. It can prevent your opponent from swapping (unless they have passive immunity).


A balanced team for me is 4 tanks with different ability sets, and 4 heavy hitters with different ability sets. Since you’re in sorna, i’d put at least 2 in the attack group that have nullifying attacks, since there are a lot of players overly fond of any dino that can cloak or evade.


Thanks for the answers! The problem is I don’t have good dino with nullyfing attacks :disappointed_relieved:
At the moment my team set is composed by 3 tanks (stegoc, stegod and trago), 3 attacker (Irex, Trex and Gorgosuchus) then Sarcorixis and Alanqua for their SIA abilities (I found their swap in defense very usefull in some occasions)


I would recommend building up Tany or maybe Procerato as they can dish out nullifying attacks for a lot of damage when levelled high enough.


I always use a stunner creature


Don’t have any raptors in my team. I mainly use either diloranosaurus (speed 126) or spinotasuchus (speed 129) to go first in battle. Dilorano becos it’s got Distracting Impact & Spino becos I can either use Lethal Wound or Critical Impact depending on the opponent’s dino type.


Monostegotops or suchatator are worth building up good fun to use and both have slowing and nullify abilities suchatators wounding ability is cool in some cases as long as the opponent doesn’t have cleanse plus she has a reduce damage ability back to the which Dino first I tend to alternate between a tank like stegocerotops or a shield armour buster like Rex if Irex is brought in then if I have one of my nulifiers i bring them in or stegodeus or tragodistis for there shields


Level this guy up if you haven’t got any hybrids with nullify he’s a pain if your opponent uses him well


I’m in Sorna Marshes and usually start with Indominus or Megalosuchus. Indo is always a great bet, and Megalosuchus is a great counter for her.


Depending on my team lineup, here are my usual starters;

 Monomimus (constantly)
 Utarinex (often)
 Indoraptor (sometimes)
 Stegodeus (seldom)


I like to open with Allosinosaurus because it can break shields, do buttloads of damage and has high crit.

Basically if they bring a tank out I crush them, if they bring a speedster in like Raptor or Tany I nearly kill them with my first Pounce lowered attack, then if they are dumb enough to go for the strike I instant charge and most times kill them!

If they are smart they will swap out after pounce!

If I don’t have Allosino I lead with Stegoceratops and go for a stunlock.

I don’t have a single raptor or super fast Dino on my team!
At lower level arena I used to lead with Raptor or Utahraptor but have since removed from my team, no room for them.
Here is my team…yes I know I have 3 ready for upgrades but I’m waiting for my level 14 one time offer to get some coins and cash to use on more coins lol


I haven’t half of hybrid you guys mentioned :joy: I will try to level up Tani, for now is a level 14, but he has very low health :sob:


I’d love to lead with Allosino but mine is level 16 with zero sino dna to level it up. Haven’t seen one in a few months but 2 popped up day before yesterday. Fused Allosino a few times and 10…10…10…10…10…10. Sheesh.


I usually lead with monomimus or tryostonix.

Tryo is a great lead because most of you guys lead with stegod or trago in the higher tiers.

It doesnt do that great against indom or iraptor though, so its a gamble on leading with tryo or mono for me.