First epic capsula

So got my first epic capsula (forgot the name sorry) and tried it out.

Popped it and concavinator showed up.
Nothing special but epic dna is epic dna.
Moving forward and again an other conci… still ok with it, not the best but ok.
After a Nodosaurus and some velo/nundusuchus i was like: “damn only 2epics thats sucks and also garbage once” .

Uff but then i interupted some sexyyy time.
Looks like the girl is into tail biting stuff :smiley:

Nothing special afterwards. Raptor nunu birds.

All in all im fine with 4 epic.

Ive got one epic from the only epic scent i recieved yet …it was an erliko at least…which is why i used it in area3 …but really just one epic from an epic scent…? :man_shrugging:t2:

Well, my last epic scent was just one single epic. Koolasuchus.

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I feel your pain :sweat_smile:

I used a rare scent capsule today and received 12 rare creatures (one I didn’t catch before it vanished).

Lucky :smile:
Imagine receiving 12 epics from the epic one…:speak_no_evil:

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Maybe I’ll try my luck tomorrow :star_struck:
I usually do well with capsules in park zones, but I’m usually just running common scents, even so the rares regularly pop up too.