First ever MOD tournament - Titanoboa 5/31/2019 - 6/3/2019

Initial reactions from everyone’s favorite scoundrel from a galaxy far, far away:

  1. @DinoStan nails it that battles take way too long. If my phone is on power saver, it goes to sleep before all the darn flashes and notices finish at the start of a battle. And then when you have something like Steal or Piercing Bite, so much stuff happens mid-battle I’m more confused than a Hutt talking to an astromech.

  2. As others have said, the amount of resources needed, since you must take three mods, is pretty close to ridiculous.

  3. Most of all, the match-ups are crazy and not fun. I have not made it to Dominator, and probably won’t; as with most tournaments, I don’t intend to try; just instead of playing my usual 5-10 daily PvP matches, I play 5-10 tourney matches. But I made it to mid-Predator, and now I’m facing Metriaphodons with toxin and other creatures with survival. Yeah, that stinks more than a tauntaun.

A game exists to bring fun to its players. For me, at least, MODs are not fun. No, thank you. I have better things to do.


OK, I didn’t try as hard as Tommi, but the battles are quite ridiculous. Indeed, as some here have foreseen, in dominator league, opponents come with Toxin and Survival MODs, with Survival essentially granting an extra turn. I’ve collected the S-DNA and already achieved what I set out to do. Not fun but stressful coz it’s utter chaos. Nullify still seems to me the most useful MOD unless you’ve amassed the top MODs.


Metriaphodons with toxin = Death Star but without the exhaust flaw :joy:


Try all three opponents with the Survival MOD. That’ll be like fighting six of them. :scream:


How nice of Ludia to offer us MOD packs to be consumed during the tourney! At least they are cheaper than normal but still require Dino Bucks… Pass…


This tournament is tough and expensive. Mods are a great way to burn off extra coins, but that only yields a few super rares and lowers. Still, it’s a new challenge which I like, but a costly one.

As a follow up, I indeed faced three opponents each with the Survival MOD. I sent out carno-amphib-ptero, and AI had amphib-herb-herb. Anyway, eventually my carno had to take out both herbs on it’s own, 2 x 2 = 4 times!!! Wasn’t sure we’d make it, but got the victory. As Rocky Balboa would say, “ WE DID IT !!!” :face_with_head_bandage:


one match for a win and then already facing hybrids with some pretty heavy hitting mods in survivor league. im out, mods as a tournament rule is such a horrible idea, i have no idea why they thought this was a good idea.


Thanks @Tommi - yes, I’m doing better now.


Once I got into Dominator, nullify and two other common mods usually stacking either rally or endurance or intimidation. Been fairly successful so far. I lost one because of my own fault, and then one other due to a mismatch with the two survivor MODs otherwise this seems to be a fairly straightforward tournament. Which makes me feel like I am in the minority on the forum today.

Some of my match ups so far:


You’re in the minority because of your razor-sharp intelligence. Not a joke. You see opponents like this and handle things smoother than Mace Windu with that fancy purple lightsaber. For your average player, this tournament is kicking our butt, or, if we are having some success, it’s success that comes at such a cost it’s not fun. Nevertheless, thanks for sharing your wisdom and strategy and tracking with us.

2 days, 16 hours left to go. Bottom of Dominator is 195 trophies; top is 440. Everything above rank 60 is a bot account for me.

Match-ups continue to be crazy. Level 30 Indominus with toxin? Metriaphodon with toxin? Gorgosuchus with survival? Egads. Nullify might be great, but I don’t have the coins to buy that many MODs, particularly when it’s a fair low chance I’ll get Nullify from it. @Mary_Jo was onto something when she pointed out the best MOD is the one that turns off MODs.



Those have been my go to mods as well. Stacking rally or endurance is a great option. Then pairing those with a Nullify, steal or survivability are also powerful.

The Alpha mods were very powerful in early matches but less so later on as dinos got powerful.

Initially I thought bleed and toxin were really powerful mods. They are, but harder to use.

Adrenaline rush isn’t bad on #3 slot, but really mediocre in use. Yes the currency of these battles is action points, but really it just gives you 2 more.

Berserk is hilarious on glass cannons.

The others are kinda ‘meh’ for me.

I still haven’t figured out the economy of mods yet. In game they are fairly pricey in terms of trades and acquisition. I’d like to see mods/mod packs as prizes in this tournament, especially super rare and legendary levels.


Ran a few more battles. Stand by what I said earlier, that the rare Nullify MOD seems to me the most valuable, especially when facing Toxin or Survival. I get Nullify pretty often on that 2nd rare level of the MOD spin thingy. I’ve yet to use a super rare MOD (I’m such a Scrooge), but with decent lineups, fights are winnable. Still wouldn’t say this is particularly fun, and I do get impatient with all the lights flashing. C’mon, get on with it.


All this bling bling makes me nervous too.
Nullify is indeed the most valuable mod if you do not know what is about to come.
Unfortunately Charlie is the one today where we can get mods for coins and he does not have the Nullify mod in his inventory.


Hate to sound salty, because I do really enjoy this game… But mods have been horrible, all around. There’s nothing good about them (from their extremely low trade value, to their randomization of battle outcomes, to their extending of the battle times). Mods are just bad and there’s no fixing them IMO, other than just getting rid of them altogether.

I usually win just about every tournament but I’m not participating in this one and I’m content just keeping that Mod inventory at zero…


@DantheMan I agree with you. Good thing is that the Tournament seems to be moving slow. This MOD upgrade is BS. They should remove it or change the way we can achieve mods. Paying 400 DB for one legendary package is way to expensive. It seems so cheap from the producers, pushing VIP members to pay even more to get the right MODs… This is just stretching it to far…


My second day. This tournament seems to move quite slow. Most of the battle were kind of fair and I must admit that I am getting used to those mods. Sometimes there is even something similar to a little bit of fun.

As others have mentioned the tournament is moving slow especially compared to the Woolly Mammoth tournament from last week. Which is good since this is the first MOD tournament: results so far for Dominator:



Unless something odd happens over the next two days (in which case I will update my projections) I believe the top of Dominator will be around 1,500 Trophies, the bottom of Dominator around 750.

I have found that around a team with an AFS of 6,000 and higher which is about level 30 VIP creatures you get softball fights that are very easy to dispatch especially when you put Nullify first. I am starting to run low on Nullify so I am hoping that at the switch over later today the coin purchase switches over to Delta so I can spam the Rare Button, and the common one as well for Endurance.

So far I am enjoying the tournament, however I do wish Ludia would have updated the prize wheel for this tournament to drop the coin and food for this tournament similar to the MOD wheels in PvP. Maybe starting on the Hunter wheel or Predator wheel but getting 35k coin prizes is kind of a bum deal when using three MODs and three high end creatures in Dominator.


Small uptick but it looks like the bottom of Dominator has not felt it like the front of Dominator.



Top of Dominator might fall between 1,500 and 1,700. The bottom still looks like it will be coming in around 750.


It sure would have made a difference in how that aquatic Boss event went if the tournaments last week and this had been swapped. Not the best planning on that one.

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