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First fan made hybrids (sorta)

So this isn’t my first hybrid post on here, I had another account but I can’t sign in. So I just made a new one. Anyways, I wanted to make some believable hybrids that I think could be an interesting addition to the game. Meet secolagreus and gravilopheus.

I feel secolagreus could use a change, but gravilopheus is okay the way it is. I’d appreciate feedback on these two, and if things go well I’ll make more hybrid concepts :grin:


I like these concepts!

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Thank you, is there anything you would prefer to be different?

No. I don’t see anything that should change.

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Alright, thank you. I compared gravilopheus to other uniqes and it looked to be almost equal to dracocertosaurus which was nice.

I’m pretty sure I just watched the pictures change before my very eyes :sweat_smile:

You did, I decided that instead of the nullifying counter it had, decelerating counter would be better

Was it designed to counter anything?

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In all honesty, not really. But I feel it could be used against most anything, but could accel at beating cunnings

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Wild cards have it all, don’t they? :sweat_smile:

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Yes sir/ma’am they do :sweat_smile: but that’s what I like: the versatility

I like versatility too. Right now I have 9 Wild Card concepts, and I think they deserve the class. (I’m a he btw)

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Welp, I need to go. It’s getting late, but I’ll come back tomorrow with some concepts!

My apologies sir, I’ve had a few too. I think if you were to try and find my old account you could see my old concepts too. It may be under the same name as my current one if that helps

Here I found the account and a couple hybrids I made:

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Those are some nice hybrids!
(also it appears that account was suspended)

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Here’s one of my Wild Cards:



nice I like them

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Thank you


I like it, but I’m surprised it doesn’t have a stunning ability