First female/male counterparts?

I just swipped through this guy and kind of reminds me of someone! :thinking::thinking::grimacing:!


you have a point,maybe there long lost cousins :woman_shrugging:t2:

I thought that too when I saw them, and then it seemed like maybe Julia and Ruby were meant to be counterparts until Ruby was thrown into the AI mix with Melina and Anna instead. Not sure how they’ll do Julia’s storyline, but I’ll be interested to see if she’s ever released.

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I’ve actually compared what the profile says to what two of the characters says during chatting and the profile matches what two of the characters say while talking with them. So I’m thinking she’s a probable counterpart for Seth/Jamie which will stink if she is because I matched with Seth so I won’t be able to match with her when she becomes available.

So did I and her bio and his bio made me think they were originally counterparts. I’m hoping it’s not the case that the dev team throws her in this late as a third counterpart to that storyline and make her the first female character to share a story with male characters.

I will be really annoyed if this is the case. I like that storyline but would much rather play it with a female love interest than a man and I’ve already matched with one of the guys.

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I’ve just realised that I suggested this a while a back and now here I am moaning that they’re potentially doing the thing I suggested.

Don’t you just hate the Internet? It’s full of fickle, entitled people who are never satisfied! :laughing::laughing::laughing:

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