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First hand problems

The game is going ok and is a nice addition to the dating genre. My only problem is the cost of how much each decision with gems are. It’s too much and the photos should be unblurred the whole time since it’s not worth it for a serviceable bikini pin up, so it’s not fair for paying for it. One more thing. Can you add music? It’s very not intriguing if it’s silent.

The app is free and you can play without ever having to spend money, so locking photos behind gems helps incentivize people to pay money and thus the staff can keep the app running and pay the writers to continue making content. I will agree that the cost could be lowered from 300 per photo after the first one though, and that reactions could also cost fewer gems. Or at least make the amount of how many free gems you can earn or the frequency at the rate of earning more balanced with the potential cost.

You are right. I’m just saying to lower the cost for gem decisions band make the photos free instead, since it’s not really worth the price.