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First hybrid epic?

What was your first hybrid? Mine was the erlikogamma or something else I can’t remember the name of.


As I remember, probably Erlikogamma or Nodopatosaurus were my first epic-hybrid.

Mine was stegoseratops or scaphotator

It was either Amargocephalus or Nodopatosaurus.

mine was the purutaurus…

Postimetrodon was my first.

Nodopato, I miss using it

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Mine is amargocephalus

Nodopatosaurus I think

Mine was either Veloshacos or Edmontoguanodon

Almost sure it was stegoceratops. Not even from fusing; I’m pretty sure it was from wild darting. Been a while though, about 2 years so I may be wrong.

I THINK stegoceratops but I might be wrong lol

I think it was Stegotops or Nodopat


It was ether post or pur

Postimetrodon and Amargocephalus

(Got them from the Alliance Incubators when I joined my first Alliance)

Mine was Scorpius Rex Gen 2

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It was probably Ankylocodon, could be mistaken. I remember darting and unlocking Ovilophosaurus and Edmontoguanadon too…

My first Epic hybrid was Postimetrodon, and I thought it was a pure dinosaur xDDD

It was before I understood about the fact that hybrids were a thing.