First Impression: NOT Happy

Okay, so I perused the pre-update info about nerfings and buffings and the overly complicated new system of short range vs. long range and thought I was ready for the new version of the game.

Short version: I was, but my phone wasn’t. I have an iPhone 6S which has been dealing with JWA very well until this release. Since the update this afternoon:

  • Battery went from 100% to 3% (yes, THREE percent) in less than 10 minutes when unplugged
  • Movement of the map “stutters” and is jerky
  • Map is generated ,and then populates, noticeably more slowly than before
  • GPS “improvements” show no change during gameplay, but it now takes up to a minute for it to figure out where I am when first starting.
  • Supply drops (green & orange) spin when opening, then freeze, then start spinning again when closing.
  • Several seconds of consistent delay when collecting items from supply drops.
  • Stuttering/jerking of display makes darting creatures difficult.
  • Gameplay much more normal when plugged into power and sitting still; when riding in a car, it was almost impossible to even grab passing supply drops due to display problems & delayed reactions.

I suspect part of the problem is the ridiculous “snow” effect – it does NOTHING for gameplay but requires more CPU cycles to generate and animate. Aside from that… well, Ludia, you’re pushing more & more data out, I suggest you work it through more & faster servers as well as not adding non-feature unneeded animations that just get in the way.


Or you could get a new phone, it’s pretty obvious with each update older phone models are going to struggle that isn’t Ludias fault.

It happens with alot of games, yeah i know it’s not as easy for some to get a new phone before anyone says.


0 issues here. Get a better device


Frankly, I’m surprised the game still supports the iPhone 4.

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Ive heard nokia phones support jurassic world alive pretty well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Much as I keep roasting Ludia, I gotta say the phone is the problem. No game will drain your battery by 97% in 10 minutes. The only possible explanation is your phone.


It works well on my Nokia 6.1

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Zero problems with ANY other apps – including every previous version of JWA. It’s not the device, it’s the coding of the app.

I think you should probably go get that checked out, battery shouldn’t drain that fast

Even if someone was doing a hundred battles at once, it would merely be drained to 50%. I agree with you.

If that was the case alot more people would be getting the same problems but these cases are few and far between so it’s the phone which is the problem no game will reduce the battery to 3% that fast.

While it’s well known Ludias optimization is pretty terrible even on so called supported devices.

The 6s is the very bottom of the devices to receive iOS 14 and will not receive iOS 15.

Knowing Ludia is terrible at optimization… you have three choices. Deal with it or get a newer device. Or find another game that does run well on your device.

Because thinking Ludia is just gonna optimize the game for older devices isn’t realistic. If your not the type to upgrade phones for years your also likely not the type to spend a lot of money on an app for that phone.

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Also fast battery drainage is the most common malfunction for 6s together with broken home button. Obviously if your battery wasn’t well before it will most definitely get a tough time now with the increased cpu usage. But still… the problem lies within your hardware, it’s only accelerated/ worsened by the software.

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My man, your device is the problem, mine played just fine

What other apps do you have on your phone? A 6s isn’t exactly a really optimal or powerful device in 2020, and its extremely prone to hardware failures like @Poezzzie said. JWA is also a graphically intense game, and iOS 10 support was just dropped, which may explain your problems