First infinite battle loss

Ok this ones a tough one…

I just dont have any heavy hitting flyers to take out that nasty amphibian :confused:

Il see what you guys suggest, not gonna lose 3 more good creatures to cooldown


Ok so first time I’ve had to use my top creatures but I won this one at least…

300 bucks and a tyranotitan made it worthwhile


Darn. Shame I didn’t see this until now, I could’ve lined up a plan that involves none of your top dinos.

This is the strat I typically use for mismatches like this. Slot 1, something that lives 1 hit but doesn’t force a switch. Slot 2, something that takes out the lead with ease and HAS to get 1-shot by the second dino. Slot 3, something to take out the 2nd dino and also has to get 2shot by the last

In your case:
Slot 1, literally any pterosaur or carnivore with over 1251 health
Slot 2, Pterosaur with more than 625 attack but less than 1300 health
Slot 3, herbivore or amphibian with 660+ attack and between 1442 and 3461 health

I will explain. If you have enough coin and creatures to afford doing this many times (which I assume you will considering how weak the team I suggest is) this is a relatively easy win.

  • Turn 1. You block 1. He does something.
  • Turn 2. You block 2. If he reserved 2 on Turn 1 you restart or try to loop him
  • Turn 3. You reserve 3. If he somehow didn’t use all his points to take you out, restart or try to loop him. If he didn’t take you out, then Turn 4 you store 4 block 3 and go from there.
  • Turn 4. You have 7 points against 0 unknown. Use 4 to take out Tropeo and reserve 3. The AI guarantees a knockout with 4 since you get oneshot so he should do it, if he doesn’t you restart
    -Turn 5. You have 7 points against 0 unknown. Use 3 to take out Para, block 3, reserve 1. AI assumes you blocked 2 and since you get 2shot, it goes 4 attack. If he doesn’t you restart
  • Turn 6. You attack 5, gg

So there’s a lot of places where the plan goes out the window and you have to restart, but the actual likelihood of the AI not doing any of those things is pretty low. You should have enough dinos to try that enough times to get it to work eventually.

This is what hours of fighting tourney matches at 150% ferocity disadvantage does to you :crazy_face: You learn to play on the edge where you sacrifice ferocity and in return get a predictable AI that you can exploit

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best team unaysaurus,pteranodon, zalmoxes :ok_hand:

No, you don’t want to bring Unaysaurus lead. That’s going to encourage a swap from the AI and that’s the absolute last thing you want to see. That adds another unpredictibility factor into the match

Not really… he swap to koolasuchus…

Tbh I know where I went wrong first time anyway, I let ai take out my l 21 pteradactylus thinking mono could handle koola, it could not.

All I needed was that extra health with tapej to ensure the win second time around.

a tip the AI always swaps the most ferocious creature unless it is at a disadvantage.


I knew this, sometimes they will switch in the disadvantage if its higher in attack though


this is great for creating strategies…

I mean, in matches like this where my suggested team relies heavily on the AI doing a certain couple of things, I tend to leave as little to chance as possible. Leading with an herbivore leaves much to chance; you never know if the AI judges his advantage enough to not switch, or he wants to switch, and maybe it even goes haywire and switches in the weaker other dino in. Again, you can make it work, but it leaves more to chance

Also ai acts very differently in infinite battle than it does in the tournament or PvE, I would say ai is less predictable here.


Yup, there’s also that. That’s why I’m making extremely safe assumptions. Like for example, if you have 3 unknown points and the AI has 4 and can oneshot you it’s pretty safe to assume he goes 4 attack. 3 attack is also a pretty likely move though so that sucks :confused: And then I believe the 2 block assumption should still be relatively safe

ok let’s assume he swap to weaker … isn’t the strategy the same? sacrifice the first creature to get points for others? or not swap and attack … just blocks next round… still predictable…

Yeah this ai does not follow any pattern like that, youl see what I mean when you reach max level…

Well. That sucks :frowning:

in PvE the AI attacked 2 hits even though it knew it couldn’t take down… :zipper_mouth_face:
I’ve seen almost all kinds of patterns…

Patterns are the same yeah maybe, but infinity battle is completely different algorithm than anything I’ve seen before, that’s why I’m alot more cautious with the battles than fight for funds or tournaments