First it's lag, bugs and crashes now its getting stupid

So I bought a $77.99 AUD cash bundle pack which should give me 7 money and it charged it on my account but didn’t deliver the good, Ludia I am starting to get rather upset with this game I have been spending lots of money spent once July only to encounter problem after proble. Please fix it or I want a full refund I have all my purchase receipts and am fed up work excuses, and itunrs won’t refund as they say it’s your problem not theirs,

And yes I have contacted ludia first but wether their redoing here or to my email I.dont know so posted on both minus photo for security readons

Should have 8k not 1 :rage::rage::rage::rage:

Hey Blanca_Elsy_Weigel_D, I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t receive the in-game cash you purchased. If you had already contacted our support team, our staff would be happy to assist you once they get a chance to take a look at your ticket in their queue.

Just contact google or apple (depending on yoir system) for a full refund and explain why you want the refund. No point in contacting Ludia, they will just read your complaint and laugh. You have more luck with google or Apple

I have and apple say it’s ludias problem nothing to do with apple as it’s the ludia game with all the issue. Lydia say contact Apple grrr