First Legendaries and/or Uniques?


What Legendaries and/or Unique creatures have you guys unlocked? I’m at level 9 and it wasn’t until last week that I finally made my first Epic hybrids (4 actually). I’m wanting to know how long approximately it’ll take for me to get my hands on a Legendary or Unique at this rate. How long did it take you guys to obtain them?


I got both Stegodeus and Indominus rex (legendaries) at level 9, over 3 months after getting the game. Still a long way from even coming close to any uniques.


I got indoraptor at level 11 but making it made me level up to 12.


I’ve been playing since launch an still don’t have any legendary. I’m working on Stegodeus (40/200) and Indominus Rex (60/200). It’s my personal goal to get either one before October…


3-4 months of dedicated game play for legendaries (you’ll probably get 4-5 at least if you dart everything in sight).

I started at launch (June) and am still working on my first indoraptor (cheap to play :joy:… I’ll buy coins/cash when there are deals and maybe a “1 time only” incubator when I level up.

There are lot of people with at least one unique who aren’t paying a ton either. They likely just grind more than me.

Good luck bud and just have fun with it.


I’ve been playing since launch I’ve spent I think two dollars or two pounds ish on a one time offer and loads of offers to get free cash that I’ve blown on opening my battle incubators (probably should have used some to get coins but hey ho) and I’ve got five legenderys and I’m close to getting an other four ish so I’d do as many battles as you can to get incubators cos that’s prob where I got most of my dna and try game offers on tapjoy cos a lot of the games suck and are a grind but it’s an easy way to get cash to blow on incubators or coins and boost yourself up that way anyway good luck .


If I remember correctly, I was level 10 when I got my first legendary: Indominus Rex. Stegodeus and Monostegotops were added to my collection in the two or three following weeks, and I started fusing DNA for Monomimus.


I got Allosinosaurus as my 1st Legendary and Indoraptor as Unique