First legendary


Finally got my first legendary in the game, its not much to some people but this took quite a while to get, considering I’ve had the game since launch… My highest ever ranking was 3.3k and I’ve never gotten above that, maybe, just maybe this will help get me further up in cups, I was worried it’ll give me 10 but thankfully it didn’t haha


Well done you! :blush: what are you aiming for next?


Thank you! :slight_smile: Has to be indominus rex… I need 79 dna to get my rex level 15 then get more dna and I can start working on it… We have t rex at the end of this week so I’m hoping to get a load of dna from that, gonna be hard though


I-Rex was my first legendary and it took me weeks to get it. I never got stegodeous until the other day at level 13 in Jurassic ruins I kept being killed by them all I just couldn’t find enough nodos but he’s almost level 19 now! Good luck with the event :blush:


He will help your team for sure. “best dino” is situation dependent but he might be the most versatile. The cleansing strike destroys raptors, shield helps survive Indominus rampage and the Armor piercing rampage let’s him hit hard every other turn.


Ohh wow you are pretty high up then, I’m quite jealous haha
I used to see at least 1 rex a day but have only seen one in the past 2 weeks (sigh) thank you and good luck in jurrasic ruins :slight_smile:


I just got mine today too!!! Congrats!!!


Oh! My first Legendary Dino looks very much I-Rex! Have done her about 2 weeks and I got today my first 10 DNA to Indominus! Now it is 80/200!


Thank you too and congrats back :slight_smile:


Nice one! :slight_smile: I’m just waiting for the t rex day at the end of this week and possibly start trying, about 60 dna more needed for mine to be level 15… I have 10k velociraptor dna so that part is all good


Awesome on my next list. Hes a beast in battle. Ive fought many. Durable and does damage


Nice! He is my first (and currently only) legendary too. Got him in time for the raptor event - make those a walk in the park.


Just got my first too!! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Grats!!! After this weekend get it 17 :+1:


I ended up at 249/250 on indoraptor. THAT is bad luck :joy:


So close, @Heather!


Oh this was a week ago. We’re all good now :sunglasses:


Marcus cheach out my new page lol it’s called those “bot” moments!


I’m 120 out of 250 lol


Here is where is stand with my legendarys, about to go for a drive and try Finnish off stegod and the other one I hear is usless