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First lv 30 dino


Even though it is one of the easier dinos to max, I had to admit it’s a grind.


Show his stats I’ve never fought a lvl 30


congrats man thats awesome!!


Amazing! That’s got to make your opponent’s heart sink when you bring it out…


How much does the final level cost? For coins and dna


For legendary is 2500 DNA and 250000 coins.


Congratulations, looks sweet. What are you planning to max next?


Thor or indo, depending on the weekly events. Btw, we haven’t got orano events for months! I’d really love high hp event.




This girl was my first and only


@Sean_Tes, I’m sooo jealous :persevere:


The rampage crit is a beautiful thing


I can imagine, mine is at lv 27 and when she crits on DSR, it’s beautiful. :heart_eyes:

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