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First lvl 20!

Finally after too many nights of red eyes here it is, upgraded some junk towards the end just to hit the final level, and of course it’s the BirdMan :slight_smile:



Grats, Wells done

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Congrats dude! Blazed thorough those levels! :muscle:

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And here I am getting my guys out of level 10/11 lol but I also don’t grind as I should, waiting for pally stuff to be dropped and kinda need some warlock legendary weapon love to help me through heartcoil lol

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Dang HuKo, You Are A True BEAST!!! Congratulations!!! Know That Took Awhile Hua??? You Would Wipe Me Out By Just Looking At Me!!! LOL, Maybe I Get Up There One Day, Say 20 Years Or So!!! LOL!!! Congratulations Again!!! Shanique

And I Thought I Was Doing Something!!!LOL!!!

Thank you, next Wiz and Healer going to be joining the 20’s club. Raika and the dwarf are sadly in the low levels they get no love till all others are done :pensive:

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Grats buddy!

HuKo - does your Ranger still get exp after LVL 20. IE can you bank exp for when/if the LVL cap increases you can apply the extra exp towards LVL 21+.

No, once you hit 20 exp stop accumulating. I was actually curious about that myself and thought in the future there will be higher levels but now I believe they’ll just keeping releasing new heroes every few months and perhaps they’ll have more features such as guilds

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