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First post, epic vs legendary item abilities

Hi, new player and I recently acquired the legendary bow. I was all excited because the quick description said it attacked all enemies.

I feel like I was trolled out of 40k gold.

It’s all enemies… in 1 zone at a 25% chance.

The epic version of the bow is all enemies in 1 zone with a 75% chance.

So that got me looking… why are almost all of the epic items both weapons and other, seem to have better abilities/chances than the legendary items? Is it a total troll move to get people to spend $?

I don’t have access to any of the silver hand items yet, but are they worse than the legendary?

Just mine then?

Yours is level 1, Dungeoneer’s is level 4…you need 16 legendary cards more of the same kind to upgrade it to lvl 4.

Besides, you should read the description of the item before buying it

I wasn’t aware that the abilities got upgraded as the item did. I thought it was stats only.

That doesn’t quite fit with the DnD theme that the abilities get upgraded.

Think more about a game with DnD skin. This game has lots of things that doesn’t follow DnD rules. Not saying it’s a bad game, imho it’s far from it (with problems though), just think it’s not a game which strictly follows DnD rules.

Oh, btw: Welcome!

Re: Your question on Silverhands, I’ve received 2 so far from guild raids, 1 for Shevarith and 1 for Raika and they’ve both become weapons of choice. The Shev one is melee but has a decent injure attack that affects every single enemy on screen and can repeat stack for devastation. Raika’s has counterattack attached to it and delivers pretty decent damage - very handy when stacked with taunt/fury for double counterattack strikes. Other people might prefer the Epics or Legendaries for these characters, I guess it’s all down to personal preference.

The link beliw is currently the most active on the WoW forums. It generally covers the same topic.
Further information may be available there.

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