First Rare Hybrid

Yay, I got my first rare Hybrid today

Haven’t even done the Pachy battle stage yet, just got lucky with packs and trade harbor. Hoping to make more soon


Congrats! Still one of my favorite hybrids, since it’s such a good meat shield. And just really cool looking.

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I’m thinking of buying another tommorow actually, will have enough by tomorrow

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@Tuophysis I’d wait until Thursday when there is a discount. That is if you can wait :slight_smile:


Congrats, will say though, while it’s not as strong as a super rare hybrid. Having this maxed out is defiantly helpful if you want a herbivore sheild or for rare only battles.

And here’s the schedule of discounts if you don’t have it. I keep this one bookmarked for easy reference.

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Thanks so I will buy it on Wednesday,should be a bit cheaper than

Thursday is even cheaper

Oh that’s great, thanks for that

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Actually depends on if you are a VIP. If you aren’t, Wed is the best day to get hybrids. I often will buy them Wed anyway and then use the extra day to hatch them out so I can buy another on Thurs without using DBs to speed it up.

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Wait, but I’m not a VIP, so won’t I only get the 10%?

That’s right. So Wed is your day.

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K, thanks for that

Thanks for everyone’s advice on when to buy the next Pachyceratops.
Got this now