First Strike Tower experience!


I’ve finally decided to check out what all the fuss is about with the strike towers, as soon as I found out it was PvE and there’s no penalty for losing (not including the inability to continue) I jumped at the chance to try it.

Decided to try Rare first before Epic.

7 fights, wasn’t expecting that! Anyway, I had to face high speed, high damage dinos so I picked my team of:

Stego, Ankylo, Velociraptor, Pyroraptor.

Won the first 4 fights using them in this order: Ankylo, Stego, Raptor (never used Pyro). After that I lost a fight and there’s only 2 losses, so I couldn’t lose anymore.

Decided to switch them around and brought Stego out first. All remaining fights I used the Stego basic attack, slowed them down, then killed them with Thagomizer, at which point my Stego had enough health to survive the first attack from the next dino, therefore getting two bite attacks on the next dino. Then bring out the Ankylo which killed the 2nd dino and finished off the 3rd dino with the Raptor. Technique worked all the way to the end.

Didn’t get a single bit of dna for any dinos on my team lol, but still a good and fun experience!

Might try epic next!


Congrats! I haven’t had the time to finish that one with 7 fights yet, but the Epic one is pretty straight forward, you only have to beat 1 dino and you get 3 to fight it with. Go for it!


What DNAs you would receive from the Strike events are almost fixed (out of a pre-decided group) and based on the event theme. Also, the amount of Coins, DNA would be based on your level.
Eg: the current 2 strike events will give you fast dinos like Raptors, Dilophosaurus etc.


Yeah i’m going to go out and try the Epic one tomorrow.

7 fights was a lot, in terms of time. I wanted to see it all the way through so just found myself standing on a street corner for ages doing the fights. Shame it’s not in a park with seats LOL.


Right now there are 2 identical versions of the 7 battle Strike Event out there, so look for another one that doesn’t show completed and you can do it all over again… unless they decide to patch it.