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First time ever


I remember seeing more rare spawns than commons on my map. :o

BTW, I don’t know where that Sucho came from. I live on the border of L1 and L2, closest L4 to me is 8 miles away.
Maybe it got lost? Lol


The sucho is a loner and a rebel at heart :joy:

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I’m trying to figure out if maybe its got some beef with those Rex’s

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Maybe he is trying to initiate a migration. That is a lot of rares! Hopefully a good sign of things to come.

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This week does seem to have been particularly good for rares.

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I’ve seen more trexg2 this week than in recent memory.


I live in L3, next to an L1. I saw Einiasaurus, Dracorex G2 and Suchomimus these days. Not only one, two or three appeared.
Can’t figure out what happened.


Must of been a glitch in the Matrix.