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First Time Facing An Indoraptor!


Seriously, That Creature Is Monstrous!


I’m Afraid To Battle Again And Face Me With An Erlidominus Level 25!


you must learn the huge power of fighting “Alita” on lockdown


That low into the arena, your best bet is Suchotator, trying to flank it.

Most Indoraptor players go Strike into Cleansing, so Lethal wound into superiority strike into nullifying impact should do the trick.

Proceratomimus is also pretty handy to deal with it. Monostegotops, if you can unlock it, as well.


well, i tried with MEGA becky but it didn’t work

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OK thank you!

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I remember the days when facing an Indoraptor was really… scary. But he can be defeated. He is not immune, which (compared to I Rex) is his greatest weakness. In fact, Indominus is a great counter for him, but I don’t know if you have one yet.

Many new Indoraptor users rely on evasive stance too much… even if you don’t have a nullifyer, remember it fails 50% of the time. As pp said, Suchotator is a great counter (nullify/bleed).

If you post your team we can help you more.

P.S. Sometimes there is just nothing you can do… if Indoraptor’s evasive holds, he can take down your entire team.

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I recently faced down and killed a level 16 Indoraptor… but it cost me 1 dead dino (I think it was my level 15 Sinoceratops) and a second left with just a few hundred hit points (in other words, as good as dead). I honestly don’t remember if I won the overall match, but I guarantee that with my current team a level 17 Indo would’ve left pieces of my foursome all over the place. <8-o Am hoping to not face off with another until I’ve gathered lots more coinage…!


Level difference is the major issue. At same level edmontonguanadon is actually a great counter to indo.

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Indoraptor is at least level 21 (like all newly-created uniques) which makes him so OP when your average team level is lower.

But remember, he’s not invincible (I know my Indo fails to dodge frequently).

To be honest, I was pretty intimidated by Indo until I got my own. But your time will come! Meanwhile, look at it as a learning experience (like I do after my team’s been demolished by a level 28 Tryko :flushed:).