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First Time Room 9 Dragon, And I Won! Can't Believe It

GOT A Exhilarating Feel From This Win!!!

He Was Like,
:smiling_imp::skull_and_crossbones:BBQ, Me An You, Stanky Panky, Pew Pew Peww!!! LOL,:joy::grinning:
Sorry Just Got Done Watching Green Mile, John Koffy , Like The Drink, Just Not Spellt The Same!!! LOL

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They Cooking Em Real Good Now!!!LOL. Poor Dale :cry:

Tell Me Again About Mouseville, Boss :grin: Any Last Words? I’m Sorry For What I Do :sob::joy::grinning: What A Good Movie! Iss, Just Playing, All I Wanted Me Was A Piece Of Cornbread!!! LOL
LOVE It!!!

You do realize once you get to her you can win 100% of the times if you figure out her attack pattern?

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I Like Trying Different Tactics, Don’t Really Care If I Die Or Not, :skull_and_crossbones: I’m Just Enjoying Playing, :heart_eyes_cat::+1::shushing_face::rofl::grin:

Especially Pvp :yum::blush::grin:

This Game Will Probably Be On My Phone Forever, Or Until There is No More Warriors Of WaterDeep!!! So Time Really Isn’t A Issue :blush:

Patience Is Key To This Game :grinning: