First unique creation

Finally I got my first unique after hunting for more than three months and hit over 4700 trophies.

I’m sorry stegoceratops, you’ve been staying with me for so long and helping me so much, now it’s time for you to take a rest:


Well done. I probably still years away from getting my Indoraptor. :frowning:


Oh yeah! Well done! :star_struck:

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Well done; we have very similar teams - personally I would keep Stegoceratops and bench I-Rex

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I’m considering the same thing once I have enough DNA to get my stegocera to lv 24, currently I can only have her up to lv 22, which is still a bit under whelming. :grinning:

Yeah … both my Stegoceratops and Stegodeus are L24 … bit overpowered compared to the rest of my team but absolute beasts

i don’t understand the obsession with pyrritator :thinking:
unless people just use it because they have nothing better to replace it with

Previously my team doesn’t have monominus and suchotator, so pyrritator is my only indoraptor counter (not a reliable one but that’s what I only have), that’s why it’s here. Maybe I will take it out if I cannot level it up anymore.