First Velociraptor -spawn- since I started playing


And in the 3 minutes it takes to grab my shoes, coat (it’s cold and the mosquitoes are out in force), I get JUST into range…despawns.

Feels omega bad, guys. I only get my DNA for this stupid thing from my free incubators and I was SO excited to see something that wasn’t garbage AND in wifi range of the house?

Welp, maybe it won’t take 3-4 weeks to spawn the next one.


That’s crazy. I can catch like 8k per night.


Yeah, it’s crazy. I read how insanely easy it is to farm Vs up from everyone’s comments but can’t catch a break myself.

Also, still managed to get totally swarmed regardless of covering up. The buggers got up my sleeves and went to town on me. Bites on top of bites and all across.

Not itchy but I’m puffed up like no tomorrow.


you just need to play at night. they are literally the most common night spawn


Reading the it’s so cold. I was wondering if the poster was close enough to the artic if they don’t have a night this time of year.


mosquitos avoid cold far as i know so couldnt be too cold.


There are similar insects like the Highland Midge I’ve been bitten by those vicious beasts. The op said it was cold.

Honestly I’m also curious what happens where days are 6 months long. Even in the UK nights are pretty short this time of year.


Game night got nothing to do with real night. Game won’t make a difference between countries, even if somewhere it’s day for months.

There should be a lot of V-Raptors during 10 PM - 5 AM (Europe).


I was posting about 10:30 pm and I’m Canadian. Unfortunately, extreme hypothyroidism makes even a light breeze very chilly without being strong enough to make the mosquitoes relent for cover. Plenty dark. I don’t even know why I’m still up outside of the bites starting to itch.