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Fish issue to mail

Fish from titan updates and daily bonus chest do not save to mail. Thats a big loss in fish and wood. Seems all extra should go to mail.

Plan accordingly - make sure you have room in storage for any excess before you check your titan training. If training fails and you would lose the resources, before collecting close the app, and load it back, then make room in storage before collecting.

Excess from calendar rewards now get sent to mail, since the summer update.

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Better idea, Plan a fix so that all resources go to mail so things are not lost.

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+1 to the idea of sending excess wood/fish to mail. I wasted millions because the collection order (based on the dragon location) is not always compatible with the usage order.
My / the current system (e.g. first collect from the dragons that need to be empty so that they can collect iron, collect from other dragons until wood / fish is enough, start the iron collectors, collect whatever is left) is only troublesome to use and annoying. It does not make me want to spend money instead of using it and it helps nobody.

Yes, very frustrating. Especially when you are getting fish from upgrading at valkas sanctuary and don’t even know how many fish you are getting. Or like right now my fish is maxed out at 1mil yet, so I can’t collect the 1.96 mil from upgrading a dragon. That’s almost a million just going to the trash!!! All extra should go to the mail from all sources!!! I’m literally throwing away fish at this point! I can’t use it for anything. Bc even my ores are maxed out!

If you pay attention to how much iron you spend, you can easily determine how much fish you will get. IIRC it is 1 iron → 2M fish for level 90. (For level 51 training, the ratio is 2 fish → 1 wood. For level 134, it is 1 iron → 8M fish.)

That said, level 134 training is pretty annoying, since many, many dragons give more than 1G fish from failure.