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Fish vs star of dragons?


Any advice on best use of fish for levelling dragons? I am at the point where it 8s taking 30k fish to go up one level when using 1 star dragons! Its got to the point where I am using different colour 2+ for a better impact. Is it something just to live with or it is better to feed the 1stars to another dragon at 1500 fish and then feed that to my 4star at 5000 fish a time :confused:?

Fish feeding help!

I seem to be at the point where it is costing 5k fish per dragon and 6 1star dragons to level up my 4star dragons just 1 level!

I am trying to just use 2 and 3 star dragons but then I end up with loads of 1stars to then get rid of. Any idea on a better way?


Unfortunately I have not reach this stage yet. Can you maybe experience if leveling a 2* Dragon with 1* Dragon then feed to 4* Dragon have a better value? Just do it once and you can determine which way is better


Dont feed a dragon just to feed it to another, youโ€™re using more fosh.
Some avoid using 1* on higher dragons.
To be efficient, get it as close to level as you can. Then next time feed 10