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Fith Rank achievement locked that shouldn't be

Under my achievements in the game it says “reach player level 5 Locked” I am level 20 so it should have unlocked retroactively when the new achievements came out.

These ones are only unlocked after completing some other prerequisite achievements. Typically the first 4-5 at the top of the list after reaching the next rank.

it never became available to me. i can’t possibly reach a higher rank since im already capped. when i logged in the first time after the achivements came out, it gave me the achievements for level 1-4 but stopped there. it never unlocked 5+

5 wont unlock untill other achievements that are prerequisites are done. That’s how those “reach player level x” ones work. There will be a few achievements that you have to complete first to unlock and complete those ones. Theres probably 1 or 2 that became available after completing reach player level 4 that you still need to do before reach player level 5 will unlock. It’ll be the same for the rest of the chain.

Ok i’ll keep working on achievements then. Do you happen to know which ones i need to do for it to unlock?

Bold Feat
Invite Trouble
Practiced Pounce

you can also check you the JWA Toolbox site for any more. They have prerequisite achievements listed for each of them if they have any.

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As @Qiew said before the pre-requisites are all at the top of your achievements list.

If you look at the list you will see that all achievements are in order of closest to completion, with the exception of 1 or more right at the top. It is those that you have to complete to level up.

Here are the strategic achievements to unlock to progress.