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Five reasons why I hate Ludia

First of all, I should say that I like this game. I like dinosaurs even since my childhood, I like the idea of this game, it has something that I missed in Pokemon Go. But devs here are so awful that I wish that Niantic would have made JWA.

So here are the reasons why I hate Ludia

  1. No fixing bugs
    It seems that they just don’t care about any bug they produce. Some of them are known for two months (damage calculation, wrong speed indicator, stucked dinos in event strike etc). Forum category “Bug reports” is full of topics that ask to fix the same old bugs but they are still ignored. And with every new update we get new dinosaurs and new bugs that will stay with us forever.

  2. Dino balance
    Remember, Ludia, shuffling every single dino up and down with every update is not a balance. Unless it’s your goal to make players invest into dinos that will be nerfed next update for sure. Dracorex G2 is another gross miscalculation that needs to be nerfed. And you know it, it was discussed even before 1.5 came alive, so now everybody has to donate to evolve it just to throw it away in a couple of months when you make another trash dino way too OP.

  3. Never listen to suggestions
    Another forum category that is absolutely ignored is “Suggestions”. There are so many great ideas and so many petitions that could make this game way so much better. Many of them won’t change even the game balance but make this game more comfortable to play. Show dino’s despawn time or just mark it when it’s gonna despawn. You know how it makes me mad when it disappears right in front of me? I could dart it from afar and get at least some DNA instead of getting closer just to see it goes away. And there are many and many other suggestions and petitions that are still ignored for months

  4. No communication with players
    You never answer our questions about updates, bugs, tournaments, nothing. You throw away new patch note and never give any additional information that we need. Moderators only merge the topics about the same bugs and that’s all. No reactions, no comments, no answers.

  5. Events
    Well, it’s not a real reason, but a thing that disappointed me. Halloween event was awful. To be honest, it wasn’t an event at all, those were just two regular weeks of themed dinos, nothing more. Scent capsules? Well, that could be an event without any reason, but not a Halloween one. For Halloween, I expected something really exciting, scaring or just extraordinary. And the Thanksgiving was just skipped away. I noticed only an Instagram post.

This is why Ludia makes me go mad. I like this game and I want to see it becoming very successful and world-known like Pokemon Go, but the devs make everything not to do it. Many of my friends have quit this game: some because of bugs, some because of matchmaking, some because of Russian localization. I had to set my entire phone language to English just not to see this awful localization.

Remember, Ludia, disappointed and mad players don’t buy one time offers, don’t pay VIP and don’t suggest their friends playing this game. I hope this topic will help you realize what you’re doing wrong.


I completely agree and also expecting that this topic will be ignored by Ludia and moderators (unless there is some forum-rules breaking happen).

Plus other few will just start talking against you that all of your points are invalid (thats also as expected)

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  1. Not completely true, they are actually fixing bugs, just not the important ones.
  2. No, the balance its pretty good in this update, probably the best since the game launch, i agree that draco gen 2 should get a Nerf though.
  3. Not completely true, they listen to constantly asked things like alliances, daily quest, scents etc etc, they don’t listen to single suggestions.
  4. True, they never communicate with us, It would be great to have something like a devstream where they show us what they are doing and so on.
  5. True, the halloween event was lackluster at best, they should release the event creatures globally with increased spawn rate (i would love legendaries and uniques spawning in the wild for a week or so), and maybe make a new creature for each event (for example, cryolophosaurus for the christmas event would be cool).

Did you even play PoGo in the first year? The first several months it was basically unplayable, and after that it was sporadically better.

Niantic listen to suggestions or communicate with their players? Really? I think in the first year this was the most common complaint, they never listen or comuncate.

The only thing Niantic had was it had “Pokemon”, otherwise it would never have made it that first year. A majority of their player base were dedicated long time lovers of them, that is it.

Ludia has done more listening and adjusting than Niantic ever did.


When I finally see and read a topic 5 reason why I hate David Courtney I’ll be thinking it’s a harsh title. Who hates this much and enumerates their structure.

No one should be surprised Ludia might think this is a bit harsh. Valid points or not hate is too much. And I don’t disagree with the points made.

I loved the Halloween event honestly (I’m biased as it got me my Indoraptor) and since then having a weekly strike tower map has been nice.

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Pokemon go barely worked for 6 months. They didn’t add many features for a year. I’m level 40 in pogo and haven’t played again since this game came out. The battle system in pogo is awful. Whoever taps the screen the fastest does the most damage. Not really any strategy. I was absolutely obsessed with pogo. But this game is so much better. Pokemon go is introducing pvp now, but unless they completely change the game to be more like the original pokemon games, I don’t see myself caring.


Well said!

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I agree that the first year was fail in PoGo. But they have courage to admit bugs and fix it and make worth events.

Ludia release untested content with numbers bugs. I agree, they produce more, but the quality is so low. Everybody makes mistakes and bugs, it’s alright. But fix it, don’t ignore them for months.

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I completely agree, Ludia has a lot of work and bugs to catch up on, and they do have a huge lack of respect towards the players…

  1. They only communicate to the players whenever they say something inappropriate, and not when they are called.

  2. They release very rushed updates, not only leaving bugs unfixed, but bringing more in! The game isn’t perfect, but Ludia doesn’t want to mention that they rush their work.

  3. JWA is a beautiful game with a lot of potential, and the game will sore high in the sky when they decide to make complete and balanced updates.

  4. Ludia staff act too bossy, and I feel bad that they have to waste their time reading these, but topics like these are our best bet of getting their attention.

  5. Nerfing and unnecessary buffs is their definition of balancing. They just add and remove moves as their attempt at balance, but it doesnt do anything… Just add more dinos to counter them, or let the players rant about it until they stop, instead of interfering and starting the message over…

Just keep going Ludia, and then sit back and look at your work and our feedback :slightly_smiling_face:!


I do not want to turn this into a who was worse thread but… One more comment.

Remember the error codes in PoGo? There was actually an “Error Dex” on the web where we would screenshot error numbers to fill the dex with. And there were many of them, you had to scroll through to find the numbers. They were a bane for months and we never received any answers to bug reports, they ignored us.

And who remembers having to restart the app constantly after every… single… action…. in…. the…. Game. Do something: ERROR… Restart the app. Gets locked up trying to restart… Restart… ERROR: restart…. Perhaps folks were not playing then or just forgot how many issues it really had with no communication or solutions. Do a search and read some of the first YEAR comments to refresh your memory.

Error code 2

“Network Error”
An error message that is displayed when a number of problems occur. It’s believed to be a generic error displayed after the player tries to enter an already buggy scenario. No fix is known at this moment.

Error code 3

“Something went wrong, Please try again”

Error code 31


Error code 32


Error code 33



They sure dont listen to their players at all.

Ludia support kind of sux too, well not kind of, it does suck.

Their graphic artists are doing wonderful, amazing work and they need a raise. They really hit it out of the park.

As far as most everyone else at Ludia, they need to be given pink slips and a good restaff, I really think that.

  1. It isn’t as easy as that. You have to make sure that what you change to fix something doesn’t itself create more bugs. Fixes have to be tested and potentially refixed. Give them time and things will get sorted.

  2. Balance is always going to be an issue. Sometimes something needs to be adjusted or needed. Lot of times good ideas don’t appear as problems until they see play. A good plan does not survive contact with the enemy as the saying goes.

  3. They do listen to suggestions but a lot of what we post on here isn’t either actually viable or coincides with what they already have planned. Not everything we suggest can be implemented dispite how we would it to be.

  4. There could be more communication but every games company I know tends to be quiet on things for some reason.

  5. I feel the same about the Halloween event but what really do we expect? I don’t want JWA to go the same route as PoGo and put witches hats on dinosaurs. I don’t know what they could do to make the game feel like the theme really while remembering this is the Jurassic franchise.

  1. Absolutely! (With the exception of maybe a couple of bugs)
  2. Yes! They don’t even try to hide their greed anymore…not that they ever really did.
  3. Somewhat. Some of the newer features came from suggestions, but they implemented them half-***'d.
  4. For the most part, yes. Same generic answer of “we are aware and our team is working on it” for months on end isn’t communication; that’s called copy & pasting.
  5. Disagree. Events and daily things to do in this game are actually one of the features I’m most impressed with.

Since we are comparing JWA with PoGo, Niantic did not make any effort to upgrade PoGo for months. In fact, they are just now adding PvP. PvP was a feature that was asked for since the beginning of the game. However, Ludia is slowly proving themselves to be a short-sighted cash-grab company.

  1. They have had over two months with some of the bugs reported. Not only that, they’ve released multiple updates since some of those bugs were reported. New updates typically add more bugs, and the way to not continuously make the game worse with glitches, is by at least fixing the old bugs in the new updates.
  2. They should play-test certain drastic changes. Unless people at Ludia do not play their own games at all, some of the balance issues, like Dracorex Gen 2, would be completely obvious.
  3. Agreed, but some of these features have felt rushed. Alliance, for example, does not even have the basic features other games with alliances have. There are so many examples out there, the fact they didn’t include the basics, shows they don’t really care about player experiences.
  4. Setting their standards based on other companies with poor communication is silly. Justifying their poor communication because there are companies that communicate just as poorly is sillier.
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Niantic isn’t better at fixing bugs. There are really old bugs in PoGo. Some are coming back periodically every other or third update. Some bugs in JWA are really obvious and problematic and players still care about the game.

PoGo hit its peak a while ago. There is litteraly nothing to do there for high lvl players. PvP can shake things a bit, but propably not for long.

I agree with your other points.


Honestly the biggest issue I have with pogo is the reason I will always pick jwa over it and thats simply as a rural player i have to travel 5 miles to see a single pokestop.

On jwa right now i have 3 strikes 3 event drops and a like 15 supply depots i can see from my house. As a rural player I atleast feel ludia considered me when making designs.

My only issue with Jwa right now is spawns and alliances should have been left in the oven a bit longer… other then to do strikes i havent gone out just to hunt since 1.5 hit…

Meanwhile Our World has trippled the amount of spawns and suddenly i have 20-30 minutes of stuff to do when I load the game from my house… went from debating uninstalling to something i play multiple times a day.


Can i make a topic with that title please? :smiley:

Yeah I agree hate is a strong word. Ludia is just a company that has its strengths and weaknesses but I really enjoy this game even though there are bugs and frustrations that I hope in time will be addressed.

Id love a spawn timer. Ive lost too many good dinos to them dissapearing.

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Hey only your best 5. And they can’t all be why doesn’t he just leave if he’s not happy.

With all your new balancing you’ve just proved every point in this topic, Ludia.

You know nothing about game making, how to keep your player base and how to celebrate the holidays.

I was sure that you can’t fall even lower in my eyes, but you’ve done it.