Fix Arena in 1.8

Less RNG win mechanics.
Less boosts/separate queues for boosted dinosaurs/no boosts.
Better matchmaking.
Actually any sort of matchmaking.

Everyone’s excited for these new hybrids but they won’t matter if they’re just going to get one-shotted by a 135 speed Thora with 3k attack.


Im still getting level 27 and even at times 30 (maxed Einie) with my B Team with an average team level of 21-22!

I would like it if they had it where you could select to play boosted, non boosted or either based on opponent preferences.

  1. Non boosted mode only. No boosted teams.
  2. Primarily non boosted mode but will play boosted mode if no boosted team available.
  3. Will play either boosted or non boosted mode, who ever comes available first.
  4. Primarily boosted mode but will play non boosted team in non boosted mode if no one available.
  5. Boosted mode only. No non boosted teams.

AI option before matchmaking is vital as well. No trophies awarded.

If certain arenas have boosted limitations then I see no need for any other options if matchmaking works well.

There should not be a non boosted option in the main tourney. That’s silly.

Hope they will,actually the game is not even a game.
Just a garbage of" i don’t know what the goal is?é"