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Fix Battle Time Out with AI Battle

I’ve been complaining about this in my alliance for awhile, finally it’s time to make a post about it.

When searching for an opponent, after 30 seconds, we get the choice to fight the JWABattleBot. I appreciate this, because it saves time.

My issue here is when an opponent is found. I cannot begin to describe the amount of time I’ve wasted waiting the full 60 seconds for an opponent to be ready/accept battle/whatever happens on the other end. It’s literally been hours of my life wasted over the last 3 years of playing JWA.

The easiest fix, to me, is after that 60 seconds runs out, instead of timing out and having to restart the whole process, wasting time, turn the battle into an AI battle, just like after the initial 30 second searching for opponent timer.

I’m no programmer, but this cannot be that difficult of a thing to accomplish. I know I’m not the only one who dreads this screen:


Agree. Should also be 30 secs

Once I have 3 time-outs of each battle, really frustrating… All I want is just an incubator.


It never actually finds an opponent, they just take you to the battle phase so you can’t fight the A.I. because it’s easy to win incubators that way. :open_mouth: