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Fix BATTLES! Fix game ! Just fix it already! Please!

Why still am I being booted from matches non stop its only happening to me and not my opponent. So somethings up there… starting to think my account has been hijacked by the Ludia police :policeman:for complaining… haha :rofl:

DinoLord needs his account back please ! Can not afford to lose another 400-500 achievements due to being booted or not being able to select an attack. 3 emails already and no reply or acknowledgement of receiving my emails…

Why does nothing ever go right with this game the past few months .

Hey @dinolord, I’m really sorry that you still haven’t gotten your response. We’re asking for a bit of patience and our support team will be responding shortly! In the meantime, please refrain from updating your tickets as in that way they will maintain their position in the queue.

I am having the same problem I am beginning to see a pattern I have stopped spending money on the game the more I spent the more I lose I have lost over 1000 trophies in just this tournament alone because I can’t even pick an attack

Still get purple flash removals but not as often maybe 1 time a day but before was almost every match. Everything else is fixed like not being able to select attacks no longer happens. I’m guessing it’s a slow process to target exactly what it is causing this to happen! I thought overloading my CPU/GPU for purple flashes but probably wrong as I’m far from a game dev lol.

But appreciate the effort on Ludia’s end !

Also I did hear back a few times not long after this post over a month ago so that was great!

Thanks ! DinoLord! :slightly_smiling_face: