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Fix connection issues!

Connection issues exist since Alphas and I’m tired of having disadvantages due to them since months again and again. First of all thanks for asking, but no, it’s not due to our devices or WiFi or anything else, it’s Ludias game servers / programming that causes these issues.
I almost regathered my win streak, only needed one more victory, and it’s my duty atm. Duty energy reward reduction would have made sense if this game (including Arena) would actually work and not bug.
Have to spend at least another 5 Arena energy to fulfill my duty and get 3 exploration energy I should already have by now as well as another duty.
(Sorry for reposting a known bug, but similar messages are buried somewhere in / below update-threads.)


Yeah, it’s definitely a server problem at this point. A handful of players is one thing, or if it tends to occur when mobile data is being used. But this has been an ongoing issue since forever (or, to not exaggerate, around the Alpha implementation as you’ve said)

I have a good handful of mobile games I play regularly. Some for the enjoyment, some for Tapjoy, and I’m not exaggerating when I say I have never had to deal with this many issues, or more specifically since we’re on the subject, issues surrounding server connection. One or two had a few drops maybe two or three times, in the entirety of my time playing. This game it’s pretty much a guarantee every other time or every third.

Granted, it’s usually a blip for me, I’ve never lost anything from them, and the reconnects are a minor inconvenience right now, but I know that I’m lucky. I’ve heard and seen from so many others that it eats their Alpha battles or, as you’re showing here, it’s making people lose win streaks and messing up other aspects of gameplay.

Just…all of this is so messy. I really wish they would slow down, or be allowed to slow down, or whatever it is that is happening. Because for every new thing they push out they break five more and it’s so frustrating. It’s so avoidable.

Anyway, tangent aside, I’m really sorry you lost the streak :frowning: . I know that frustration. I’ve honestly just not bothered with those duties anymore.

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Apparently I won my original battle (battle history shows that) and logged into a random new one with the reconnection that counted as loss (I never played that one). So I lost an Arena energy as well.
Since the energy reduction I have to play Arena as soon as there are TP events or I’ll not be able to do the scale quest and daily quest anymore. As Meatlug ended I managed to play like 3-4 repeatables, the first ones since the reduction. I simply can’t ignore those duties if I don’t want to spend my runes on energy.
Btw I completed a “win 7 battles”-duty given by Astrid with Arena but haven’t regained my win streak yet due to some very bad RNG boards around the 3rd or 4th battle the two times I tried again so far. So I’m still sitting on that duty. It’s simply not fun, I need to calculate all the time where to spend my exploration energy.

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Battle log

Original opponent

Random battle

Next opponent

First, I never attack teams with Sawmaws, I would never dare to even try a maxed Toothless-CJ-Sawmaw-combo and I’m sorry, but I would never have Bomb as main damage dealer or use mainly yellow tiles if I can avoid that. Toothless is my strongest dragon and his ability is so important for Arena, I would never use this few purple tiles / Toothless would never deal that little damage by any chance (if I fought the battle).
Plus dragons are not greyed, so they are zombies?

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Attacked the random opponent (“again”) just for fun and this would be a reasonable battle damage log for my style of fighting:

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No more words.

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