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Fix Constant 10 Fuses

We’ve all been there, getting 10 DNA over and over on your fuses. It’s beyond frusterating. I understand that it’s fully RNG based, but there needs to be something atleast put in place to ease it down, since it always feels like such a frusterating ripoff when it happens, especially due to the amount of effort it sometimes takes to get the DNA required.

My first of two potential solutions is to just straight up remove 10 DNA from the picture altogether. I’ve never once gotten mad at getting 20 from a fuse, and I think I can speak for everyone when I say the minimum amount being 20 seems way more fair. Maybe it could become rarer to get over 30 to counter balance it.

My other solution if Ludia wants to keep 10 DNA fuses is to simply add a cooldown to being able to get 10’s for 2 to 3 fuses, making sure you can never get 10 DNA 2 or 3 times in a row. I think this would be the best solution, as it wouldn’t change the game too much, besides removing potential rage.