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Fix critical hits

I’ve benefited as much as lost because of it in this tournament but 5% critical hit chance and every other turn it happens. If this is a “skill” tournament then critical hits shouldn’t be a part of it. Seems like common sense to me.

Crits are part of the game. Otherwise you may as well be playing rock paper scissors.


Critical Hits are determined by RNG. Yeah they aren’t skill but they are a part of the game and a part of the normal battling system. A lot of creature rely on them like T-Rex with its 30%

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I swear half the time I used Blue’s pounce it was a crit😂

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Oh i know they are important to the game and balancing requires it but it seems to me 5% actually means 50% especially in this tournament. Maybe if it’s a skill based tournament make only creatures with 5% chance available and take critical hits out. That way it’s balanced across the board without them

It may feel that way but it most likely isn’t. When you think about it, these drugs will happen very little but you remember the 5% ones more cause they were either annoying or beneficial. Ik its not in the tournament but Utasinoraptor is a good example of that. The other day an opponents Utasino landed a crit on DI then IC right after one another. I remember that vividly. However, I couldn’t tell you any details about a time in which it landed a critical hit on CI. It’s human nature to remember the lower odds, the game isn’t at fault