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Fix darting epic creatures achievements

It’s almost impossible for me to get 6 and 10 direct hits on epic creatures, can they change it to normal hits rather than direct hits. Because speed of an epic creature is too faster for me I can get maximum 3 direct hits, how do I complete those achievements, Please ludia do something…

tl;dr: I don’t think this change is necessary, it is fine for me.

I don’t know if this change is really necessary, most epics are very hard to do but there are some epic creatures that is easier to make direct hits (like koolasuchus) for me at least, I didn’t find the 6 and 10 direct hits achievement so i believe is not for my current level yet (I am at level 9), 6 hits I probably did at least once that I remember, 10 I am not sure but probably not.
And even if those achievements are very hard to do for most people, I don’t think they are impossible and I believe some achievements needs to be harder to do, achievements can be different than daily missions or other rewards in general, if every achievement is easy to do like normal hits, it would be very boring, I don’t think every achievement should be for everyone.
From my point of view, it is not just about help us players to get more resources in the game, but also about reward those with specific skills, and the reward is not just the resource you are given when completing the achievement, but also the feeling of “I did it, finally”, which is more fun than just being able to complete everything so easy for a random resource.
The same way I don’t think these achievements are impossible for me (hard but not impossible), there could be some achievements that feels like impossible to me, but it is not that hard for you.

Which drone type are you using? Most of us who get high scores use the Veteran drone. It can take a little getting used to, but it’s the best for getting lots of direct hits once you’ve figured it out.

Easier epics for this achievement: Deer, koola, short-range dog, seco, anky, antarc, erlik, maybe edapho.


Totally agree with @Castal. Veteran drone + tamed Epics is the key. Your phone also needs to be powerful for a glitch-free darting experience. The game sometimes streams in new content as the creature moves away from the spawn location, which could hurt the framerate on older phones.

The 6 and 10 epic directs achievements are also nice that it motivated me to be more focused on every darting, to sharpen my skill and be ready for the right Epics.

If there’s anything to complain about, I’d say the 15 hits one is the greater evil. Even that I don’t think it needs any fix.