Fix EU event timers


Make a reasonable timing for the event spawns in eu plz, I live in Belgium and the event changes +36 hours. Say I want the dinosaur featured on wednesday, I have to wait till noon on thursday. This is ridiculous, I completely missed the sunday dinos because of that because it went straight from the legendary raptor to the next week…


Sunday was the legendary :thinking:


The events in Belgium and Netherlands change at 4 p.m. The first day of the event week is monday 4 p.m. and it ends on monday 3 p.m.

The sunday dinosaur that you mean did start on sunday 4 p.m. and ends on monday 3 p.m.


Dracorex was sunday?


No, the order in Showcase pic was just messed up … they wanted it to look good (so they put all the Rares together).

But actually … it was Sinoceratops-Saturday and Utahsinoraptor-Sunday (so he was there from Sunday 4 PM until today 3 PM in Europe).

Dracorex was together with U-Raptor and Procerato … that’s why you had 15 attempts for the Rares (Wednesday - Friday).