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Fix false advertising, lack of descriptions and customer service

please fix the blatant false advertising within the game! I know, its a rant post but I’m hoping as a community we can get Ludia to correct what they are intentionally doing. With the subscription dragon, label is as being 1 star to begin, its shown as max level 5 stars and thats absolutely not what it is. In fact you need 2 more copies to even get it to 5 star. You label it a 5 star dragon and give us a 1 star, false advertising. The trust chest, please correct it so that it does not display 50% under each dragon as this is advertised as you getting 50% of one or the other dragons trust points. False advertising, its 50 points for one of the two yet it does t tell you anywhere in the description how many points are in it. There should be tier list advertised in game that shows which size chest has how many trust points within. Small, medium and large rune chests do not display an amount of runes within and its not posted anywhere in game. This is deceitful in hopes that a player will purchase it and realize they are getting shorted. 1500 arena coins for a goat chest that has a 50% chance for a 3 star goat and a meager 10% for any star? In my history its been best just to use the coins and buy the lowly 3 star 7 times (1400 coins). That chest needs a revamp badly. Clan chest, the one that depicts 3 more turns for the “clan”, its not for the clan, its for the individual player, please get this noted or change the name of the item slightly so its not very misleading. Flight club chest (3000) runes, none of the prizes in this chest show you how many you’re going to get within and its jot posted anywhere within the game, another problem. Fish/coin chest, also does not display the amount within the chest, why is this Ludia??? What other purpose for not displaying the number of contents within these purchases except to decide the buyer? Your company will get more income if you educate the buyer as to what the purchase is. Ive held back from small purchases here and there because there is no details on what I am interested in. Sadly the rune packs are just far too overpriced, I know this is a personal complaint for myself but really, in other gatcha games you get 3 to 4 pulls for 100 dollars lol. This is a gem matching game! 100 dollars? Let’s discuss customer service a tad, when you have a client that has an issue with an aspect of your game, don’t close the ticket with no reply. Thats just entirely bad for your business. even when the customer is being extremely polite in what they are saying, its your company, you have a responsibility to them or you lose their business. Poor form. Im certain though I don’t speak for other players, that I’m NOT the only one who has experienced this within the game. Also the game is very unstable and crashes on all 4 of the different devices I run it on, whether its in the initial loading screen or attempting to fight an alpha, very frustrating when you have to restart the game multiple times. Tech side needs a little assistance. On a positive note though, the game is very fun and filled with characters that are loved by many, so well done there.

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Sure there are things that cause misunderstandings in the game. Like the description of Father’s day Skullcrusher’s ability, which makes it seem much better than it actually is.

But some of the things you mention here aren’t really like that.

FC, for example, if you tap on the info-button it tells you that you get Skullcrusher instantly and that you can earn more trust in the FC chest. To me that clearly means you are only gonna get 1 copy and not a maxed out 5* lvl 70 one. Also regardless of whether its maxed out or not skullcrusher is a 5* dragon, cuz the “5” refers to its rarity. Asking them to call it a 1* would be incredibly weird.

For the Trust chest, it says right above the portraits “guaranteed one of” so i’d say its pretty clear you get either trust from dragon 1 or trust from dragon 2.

The 3k trust chest: if they were to write out exactly what is in the chest it’d just clutter up the screen in my opinion. (Also AFAIK its basically a “hard FC chest” so if you know the contents of that one you also know the contents of the 3k trust chest)

Sheep chest: if you don’t know what exactly is in it how would you know it needs a revamp? its possible you could get more than 1 3* sheep in the chest.


Nah you should go back in game and read more. Even the lhotos show him as a fully leveled 5 star dragon. It SHOWS it. Read the reviews on Google there are tons of people that feel the same. All it simply needs is one sentence to clarify as opposed to leaving it as a false advertisement. About the trust chest, yes I know what it says above it, that wasn’t the problem, because you didn’t read what I said. You saw what you wanted. The problem is that inside of it, it depicts yet another 50% which absolutely them looks like its “guaranteed one of” either dragon “50%” of their trust points. The 50% just needs to be changed to 50 and the box would be fine.

Also since you saw what you wanted, the sheep chest contents weren’t the issue…it was the cost of the chest being too high. I’m well aware of the contents inside since that chest actually shows the percentage chance for each sheep inside.

I only replied to this because a simple “go read what I said again” wouldn’t seem to work here

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And the 3k chest. Yes you absolutely need to write the contents of each in there. Its as simple as the trust chest since the pictures of the items are in there, put a number value below it just like the misleading trust chest. How can you even say its “basically the same as a hard chest” its two different items in game and since 1 of them is available for purchase with in game currency you should NEVER compare two items like that. Oh because you get one often you should just know whats in another. Cmon guy lol. I would love to go to a mystery box business that you run

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Sorry to say this, but it is you who’s purposfully misreading things.

I don’t know what it shows as a picture when you try to purchase the FC for the first time cuz I did so long ago (and for me the up to 2k runes is now there in the middle of the screen instead). Perhaps they could write underneath the Skullcrusher the words 1 copy or something, but I personlly don’t see why they should as its pretty obvious you’re not gonna be given a fully maxed out 5 star dragon just for buying FC once.

As for the Trust chest, you are not guaranteed to get 50 trust. I don’t know the exact ranges, but i think you get between 30 and 50 trust of one of the dragons so just putting 50 rather than 50% would clearly be wrong.

And the 3k chest, i said its basically the same as the Hard FC chest cuz the only difference between them is the method to open it. the duty chest requires you to complete 15 duties while the 3k chest requires you to buy it with 3k runes. (And their contents are the exact same).

The 50% refers to you having a 50% chance of getting trust for dragon 1 or a 50% chance of it being trust for dragon 2.

I’m sure…

And you’d be wrong about that. The 50% is absolutely necessary. It tells you that you have an equal chance to get trust of dragon A or Dragon B. (which didn’t need to be the case. They could’ve easily made a chest where its possible to get trust for dragon A at a 90% chance and trust for dragon B at a 10% chance)

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I think the caps is not necessary - shouting at someone never makes things clearer or forces them to your POV. You have your opinion and others differ. I was never mislead into believing that Ludia would give away 50% of the total trust on offer for a dragon. Perhaps they could put in a sentence to say that ‘trust amounts are variable’. But these chests are like the blind bags/boxes some kids toys come in, what’s inside is a lottery. I cannot comment on the flight club offer as I’ve never really looked at it.

Although, it would be interesting to at least know the range of the rewards we can get from various chests

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