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Fix for DC, Dracorex gen 1 and 2 and Utarenix

  1. Dracorex gen 2: Why Swap in Rampage, why SiR, why, it doesn’t make sense. A creature with a head designt to stun (game design), doesent have a stun abilitie. Let me fix it for you.

Stats and Abilities:
Health: 3000
Attack: 1200
Speed: 124
Armor: 0%
Crit: 5%

Strike (1200), Impact (1800) and Swap in Head Butt (600)

Completely remove the SiR from the game

  1. Dracoceratops (DC): With the newly updated Dracorex g 2 (see above), her/his moveset changes.

Stats and Abilities:
Health: 3480
Attack: 1200
Speed: 118
Armor: 10%
Crit: 5%

Decelerating Strike (1200), Rampage (2400), Head Butt (Deal 0.5x damage. 66% chance to stun. Bypass armor. Cooldown: 2), Dig in and Swap in Stunning Strike (1200)

  1. Dracorex gen 1: I always thought the Swap in Definite Strike was a weird move for Draco and it also has 2 moves with delay which is really bad for him/her, so it can’t really do much after the swap in def. strike other than a normal strike.

Stats and Abilities:
Health: 3090
Attack: 1300
Speed: 127
Armor: 0%
Crit: 5%

Strike (1300), Impact and Run (1800), Instant Charge (1300) and Swap in Head Butt (650)

Now atleast has a chance to stun the opponent and not take damage after the swap in.

  1. Utarenix: With the newly updated Dracorex g 1 (see above), her/his moveset changes a little bit.

Stats and Abilities:
Health: 3750
Attack: 1500
Speed: 127
Armor: 0%
Crit: 10%

Decelerating Strike (1500), Rampage and Run (3000), Distracting Impact (2250), Instant Charge (1500) and Swap in Head Butt (750)

It will make DC completely useless, because most of the raptors have immunity at higher levels. It is much easier just remove DC from the game…

What do you mean by immunity. There are currently no raptors in the game that have immunity.

If it’s not broken don’t fix it. Draco works just fine.

Mate, believe me we’ve been all over this time and time again every day/week/month since the this OP move was introduced into the game. JWA doesn’t need an instant -1 priority Rampage in the game - at all, ever! It was and is and will always be the most broken, over-exploited move in JWA, something Ludia should’ve thrown out as soon as they first realised it wasn’t working - SiDSR or SiR it doesn’t matter, no other creature in the game can do double-damage before a move can be made. Very often it’s blind luck if you’re able to predict and counter it, which simply isn’t fair. But do you think the @Ludia_Developers listen or even care? Well it’s still in the game isn’t it. So no! They’ll take your money but they won’t fix a broken game by removing one move.


We’ll see in the next update.

DC is fine how it is now, it’s not as effective anymore. They’ve nerfed it enough.

Nerf list:

  1. Can’t destroy shields anymore
  2. Can’t bypass armour anymore
  3. Can’t stun certain dinos anymore, such as Indoraptor
  4. Some counters got dmg buff like Erlidom

Making further changes to DC like your suggestion is just an attempt to make another dino that no-one has interest in using.

And you also want to nerf Utarinex dmg too, no way, away with you nerf addict.


The nerfed of the damn goat was very small as it is clearly shown that in this version the people of GamePress decided (I think with good judgment) to reduce the list of Tyrants and the mad demon goat is still Tyrant. If anyone thinks about it there are only 3 creatures that have been Tyrant from day one to the last:

  • Tryko, a unique formed by 3 epics
  • Erli, a unique formed from a legendary shared with another unique and large amount of DNA from one of the most difficult epics to get
  • The damn goat, legendary composed of two commons.

The place of the goat should be low Apex at best … and there it is, at the top ruining this game for almost a year.

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Why did you nerf Utarinex? It needs a buff if anything.

Mad demon goat you mean DC which is now High Apex???

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I like the idea of the “Pachy familly” having swap in headbutt/stunning strike, but that rework just makes dc useless, and there’s no way I’d agree with such a nerf to utarinex, she’s not even OP, she’s fine as is. I agree with the draco gen2 rework, but DC could have better stats if it is to lose SIR. It could also have some armor and greater stunning rampage instead of acute stun. The rest of the moveset looks good, deccel strike, rampage and dig in, It’s just that, with the exchange of SIR to swap in stunning strike it should have better damaging moves and acute stun no longer makes sense.

I see that in the end it is High Apex although I think it is still a Tyrant and the obvious proof is that 8 of the TOP10 carry that spawn of the devil that should never have existed. Many of the good players who have passed through our alliance have left the game because of this damn creature that destroys the experience of the game. I always told them “do not leave now, surely Ludia ends up nerfing this bad bug”, but I was wrong they did not and instead created an even worse bad bug, the Yoshi. As I always say, there must be someone in Ludia who thinks that the more angry and outraged the players are, the better … even if I don’t understand it.

I gave him more speed

The introduction of Smilocephalosaurus and Phorusaura hurts it as well since it can one shot it and potentially prevent it from rampaging if the stun lands

And dropped his attack. It doesn’t need an attack nerf.

With how many legendaries that are currently useless, who hasn’t seen enough DC to care that it stays relevant. I’d rather see things like Monolometrodon, Megalosuchus, Diplovenator, and Skoolasuchus get time to shine than see another DC.

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Well of course, nothing wrong with that, but I see no reason to make a reworked DC not relevant. Although most end game teams will have more uniques than legendaries anyways, since they are generally better. Also, I think those dinos you mentioned are not bad at all, though they could use some buffs. In a meta where we see an epic like yoshi becoming tyrant I see no reason to not make some legendaries more relevant, as long as it is reasonable.

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Yeah that makes sense. I just think DC should be nerfed, and then we can worry about relevancy. Sorry if I came off sounding a little harsh.

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No problem man :grin:

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