Fix game aspects and dinamics 300 plus drop in point


I just lost over 300 in ur damn arena and should have I did even get my specials like stunts and criticle hits at all in that the whole time and other dinos my same levels and the same damn dinos where getting them on the appearing team really starting too post me off … no need fix

  1. Please use proper English

  2. Some of it is glitched, but a lot of that seems like bad luck on your end.


I’ve had a really bad run of rng over the last couple of days too.


Well it’s really ticking me off over 300 points drop and seems everyone else gets what they need for dinos working but nooooooo I cant :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:



This is quite normal with this bugged game implementation. I had an hour ago 2x fights where 6x times enemy indominus dodged (4x times in one fight, he swapped and bring him back again).

And when I brought mine out, he took both hits and died. I am not even bothering to complain anymore now :frowning:


Ok… Im going to shake my head and try not to yell. It isnt bugged or glitchy and you are not being singled out, stop yourself from crying victim. There is bad luck, it hits us all and thats why its fair. There is bad strategy, that falls upon you and begins before you evwn entwr the arena. Is your team balanced? Is your strategy sound? Do you think quickly when something derails you or do you assume defeat and stop thinking? This game isnt singling you out, youre not special amd neither am I. When you realize what youre doing isnt working stop assuming its the game and review what you did and I promise youll limit the slides


I know statistically these runs are possible in isolation but there does seem to be something a bit glitchy with the rng process when you get back to back runs of excessively skewed rng.


Yep you win some…
Like I was 2-0 down and brought in my Indoraptor and that lovely dino proceeded to evade 5 of 6 hits it received. I won 3-2 in the end.
And then you lose some…
Same scenario except reversed. Really cruising to an easy win when the opponent’s indoraptor showed up and went one better. 6 evasions in a row. Wow!